Unveiling the Power of Customer Satisfaction through SMS Surveys

Topic: SMS Surveys & Feedback

In the dynamic landscape of business, one pivotal question that defines your whole business strategy: Are your customers happy?

Prior to and during the implementation of business plans, businesses will need to continually collate customer feedback to evaluate and make informed decisions about their products and services. Whether it’s the unveiling of new digital channels or updated health and safety measures, we understand that businesses often struggle to collect sufficient data and feedback in an efficient and cost-effective way. This is where Esendex’s mobile-led communication solutions can be particularly helpful.

Discover the benefits of using SMS surveys for your business

  • Convenient for survey recipients

Rapid developments in technology have played a huge role in enhancing our everyday lives. 89% of Australians own a smartphone, and on average, Aussies check their mobiles 85 times a day. By taking advantage of SMS Surveys, businesses not only benefit from sending the survey direct to recipients’ devices, but will also provide recipients the convenience of responding to the survey in their own time. 

  • Encourages higher response rates

SMS Surveys attract high response rates between 24 – 47%, far exceeding that of paper, voice and email-based surveys. By conducting an SMS survey, companies will benefit from attracting greater response levels which will crucially assist in informing data-driven business decision.

  • Unrivalled reach and speed

With a 98% open rate and an average user response time of just 90 seconds, businesses choosing SMS as their primary survey channel can be confident that the questions will be successfully received by the majority of recipients. This will in turn encourage a greater response rate compared to other means.

An innovative alternative to SMS surveys: Mobile Journey

While SMS surveys are a powerful yet simple way to collate customer feedback, some businesses may require a more sophisticated solution to complement their overall strategy. A great alternative to SMS surveys is Esendex’s Mobile Journey.

Alongside the added convenience and speed of utilising SMS Surveys, our Mobile Journey solution empowers businesses to create completely customisable, branded solutions for collecting data and feedback. By removing the distractions of traditional websites, Mobile Journeys boast higher conversion rates and can be triggered across multiple channels including SMS and email. Enabling our clients to engage their ideal audience across all types of questions, businesses can use buttons, sliders and free type text fields to collect data in an intuitive and non-intrusive way.

Furthermore, companies can also opt to include document and photo uploads to tailor a richer experience for their survey recipients. Once completed, survey details and responses can be viewed in the form of a live intelligent report, placing businesses in the best possible position to make informed, data-led decisions for continual improvement.

Elevate your customer experience and future campaigns with Esendex

With cutting-edge communication solutions tailored to meet the demands of the digital age, Esendex empowers businesses to engage with their audience in meaningful ways. From personalized SMS campaigns that resonate with customers on a personal level to automated messaging systems that streamline communication processes, Esendex offers a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate your brand’s presence and foster lasting connections with your audience.

Experience the difference with Esendex and unlock the full potential of your customer interactions today. Discover the transformative power of Esendex in revolutionizing your customer experience and shaping the success of your future campaigns. Talk to an Esendex expert today!

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia