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Deliver an enhanced mobile experience and seamless customer journeys with a 94% open rate

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People today have 2x more interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else, including tv and in-store. 48% of Australians shop via their mobile phone at least once a week.* Are you getting your share?

As the mobile phone becomes one of the most important touch points of the customer journey, brands need to optimise this channel to enable customers to browse and shop seamlessly at their fingertips, while still providing the top notch customer service they’d expect to get in-store in order to drive customer satisfaction and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

SMS is one of the most effective channels when communicating with customers, especially when leveraged as part of a multi-channel campaign. It is easy to implement and provides a great ROI. With emerging ‘rich messaging’ technologies, SMS can deliver so much more than just a text message now.

*(Source: Google | PayPal)

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How can Esendex help?

From simple bulk SMS to rich content message offerings like SMS Landing Pages and RCS messaging, we have products that can help enhance the customer experience in different stage of their journey.

An illustration of a smart phone with a SMS message stating the date and time of the delivery of an order, with an URL for the recipient to change the delivery time

SMS Messaging

With a 94% open rate, SMS is proven to be one of the most effective communication channels, and is one that retailers should really harness to capture customers’ attention. Whether it is marketing or a promotional message, order confirmations or delivery notifications, you can rest assured that your messages will get read.

With the Esendex SMS platform, retailers can send personalised SMS in bulk either via the online platform; or integrate their system with our SMS API or the Esendex Zapier integration to set up automated text messages for delivery notifications or abandoned cart reminders.

Use cases:

  • Order confirmations & dispatch notifications
  • Stocks alerts & updates
  • Marketing and sales messages
  • Abandoned cart alerts
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SMS Landing Pages

Do you love how emails enable you to present branded messages with different visual elements and rich content, but wish they had the same open rate as SMS? SMS Landing Pages are the perfect solution for you.

With SMS Landing Pages, retailers can create their own bespoke landing pages with their brand colours and logo; include images, call-to-action buttons and personalised content that’s tailored to each recipient, and send them via a text message to enjoy the 94% open rate.

Use cases:

  • Deliver personalised marketing and promotions
  • Receive payments by linking to secure payment portals
  • Providing digital receipts
  • Delivery updates and confirmations
An illustration of RCS conversations between a shoes shop and a customer on the discounted shoes

RCS Messaging

RCS Messaging is set to replace SMS to be the future of SMS. It offers a similar messaging experience to OTT apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and will be the default messaging app on Android handset.

With functions like showcasing a carousel of new products, integrating chat bots or AI technology, presenting personalised suggested items, to taking payment within the default messaging app, RCS is going to transform the way retailers communicate to consumers, and enable them to connect with users directly and in an active manner.

Instead of waiting for consumers to go to your website, liking your social media page or downloading your app, retailers can take the initiative to enhance the customer experience via a seamless mobile experience.

Use cases:

  • Receive payments
  • Customer service chat interactions
  • Upsell or cross-sell products with carousels
  • Deliver digital receipts
An illustration of SMS surveys messages asking the recipient to rate the shopping experience between 1 to 10, with recipient replied with 7

SMS Surveys

For every customer complaint, there are 26 unhappy customers who have remained silent (source). The cost of not knowing that your customers are unhappy is too big for any retailer to bear in such a competitive environment. It’s therefore imperative that retailers find out how their customers really feel and be able to provide the shopping experience the customers want.

SMS Surveys offer the fastest way to collect feedback. Retailers can find out how customers really feel with very little effort, and customers can provide feedback at a time and place that’s suitable for them. The Esendex SMS Surveys platform supports branched surveys, where different questions can be triggered according to the answers, enabling retailers to dive deeper into the feedback and provide the respondents a more interactive experience.

Use cases:

  • Customer and staff satisfaction
  • Data cleansing
  • Market research
  • Event planning

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