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In Australia today, more than a quarter of all invoices remain uncollected. Businesses struggle to recover unpaid debt in a manner that is cost-effective and won’t disrupt their rapport with clients. In many cases, the cost to the business financially and via brand-reputation is higher than the amount owed. Esendex offers a fintech mobile collections service that automates the receivables activity in an ethical and efficient process.

She is a woman. She is wearing glasses, holding a paper (Maybe a bill?) and a phone. She is concerned, working things out. We see her message conversation 'Your payment is overdue would you like to 'Make a part payment', 'Set up a payment plan' or 'talk to us' she has selected 'make a part payment'. The point of this image is to display the stress owning money can provide and also the option of creditors using a debt recovery solution like Esendex's to collect more debt.
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Utility companies sometimes find it challenging to recover small amounts of debt. In many cases, the cost to recover the debt can be more costly than the debt itself. We worked with UK energy company npower and built a strategy for recouping receivables that was efficient and didn’t hurt their brand image.


Real Estate

Since COVID we have seen multiple news stories of the impact of financial hardship on landlords and tenants. While the laws suddenly put in place to combat loss of income from COVID may be ending, with such a large amount of debt being owed, innovative solutions are required to recover unpaid and late rent. A mobile journey that reinforces understanding and empathy can improve Real Estate agencies collections and save precious admin time by automating the process.


Debt Collection by Agencies

Even the most successful debt collection agencies can build a bad reputation if they aren’t mindful of how they collect debt. This reputation can be passed on to any businesses using these agencies, so while the bottom line is always important, it’s equally important to ensure ethical practices are always followed. Our debt collection solutions are more efficient than traditional methods and aren’t deemed invasive or aggressive by consumers owning monies.

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Our Mobile Collections solution was awarded the ‘Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation’ in 2020.

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All solutions meet FCA and Ofcom requirements regarding the fair treatment of customers – this is baked into the heart of our delivery programmes

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We only work with Australia’s major telco networks; this allows us to commit to processing 90% of your messages within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.

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Learn how UK Esendex client ‘Cash4UNow’ were able to boost payment conversion by utilising an Esendex solution for ethically automating receivables.

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