Measuring customer satisfaction

Very pretty woman, she is focused on her phone, is she taking a picture of the salad bar? No no, she is answering a survey. The text conversation has been displayed 'Hi Jackie, thank you for your most recent enquiry with us. Was your question answered Y or N'  We cannot see her response, but obviously she said yes as the response is 'That's great! Out of 10, what rating....' This is just one of the marvelous examples of an Esendex mobile led solution for customer feedback.
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Who works with Esendex on customer satisfaction projects?
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Collect customer feedback

Customer Satisfaction

It is estimated that 73% of customers will recommend a brand to others following a positive experience. Consequently, it’s useful to measure customer satisfaction at key milestones throughout their journey. From the onboarding process, to product/service satisfaction or even closing a support query, you can automate your customer surveys by using our API to send personalised review requests.

Dig into their responses and opinions via our easy to use dashboard. The survey findings can then be implemented into your business, which can help you to improve your product or service offering and most importantly keep your customers happy.

Employee NPS surveys

Workplace Sentiment

An engaged and happy staff member is likely to be far more productive, effective and proactive in their work. Consequently, staff engagement is equally as important as customer engagement.

Esendex SMS Surveys are a quick and simple way to discover how your employees feel. By sending a quick SMS, staff can complete the survey at a convenient time and even in the privacy of their own home, meaning that you’re more likely to receive honest responses.

After your team has provided their feedback, you can analyse their responses and look at ways to improve your business and ensure you have a content workforce.


Patient Feedback

HealthHarmonie wanted a solution that used the contact data from their software, delivered the customer survey, collected responses and automatically fed this information into their CRM.

Esendex worked with HealthHarmonie to create a seamless solution that met their requirements while also collecting 3x more responses than their usual approach.

Results from our latest research


Of the businesses interviewed 20% confessed to have not employing a customer satisfaction strategy


37% of the interviewed businesses invested in customer feedback programs in the last three months


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Just shy of 40% of businesses had not sent customer service feedback surveys

Transforming your customer feedback strategy with Esendex


Improving response rates from 3% to 27%

Insurance provider LV= improved their response rate from 3% to 27% by introducing SMS Surveys into their customer satisfaction strategy.

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3x more patient data

When HealthHarmonie partnered with Esendex, they were able to gather 3x more patient data than previously, allowing them to improve the patients experience and increase satisfaction levels.


Rich messaging increases engagement to 40%

Vaillant benefited from a rich messaging strategy by incorporating RCS and SMS Landing Pages. They were able to improve their client engagement rate from around 2-5% all the way up to an impressive 40%.

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Why choose Esendex

Join the trusted worldwide leader in business communications.
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Linear or branched surveys

Ask a specified set of questions with linear surveys. Alternatively, ask tailored questions based on previous answers with our branched surveys

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Completely customisable

 Improve the engagement level of your surveys by tailoring each one with the recipient’s details

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Driven by our API

Our SMS Surveys can be seamlessly integrated into your internal system and delivered at critical milestones to improve response rates

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Deliver responses to CRM

Survey results can be automatically sent directly to your internal CRM allowing data to be readily available and easily accessible

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Increase response rate

SMS has an open rate of 95% meaning that you’re more likely to get a response when compared to other channels such as email

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Higher completion rates

12.6% is the average form completion rate, however, our Mobile Journeys product benefits from an average completion rate of 46.5%

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