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Improve customer experience and get instant feedback from customers or staff using SMS surveys

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Quick to set up and send – target users on the move

Connect with people on their phones – anytime and anywhere. 

Easy to personalise and designed to fit with your existing workflows and processes, our powerful SMS survey tool allows you to manage surveys at scale.

Cost-effective, interactive SMS surveys deliver higher response rates and better engagement  as it’s a fast and familiar way to contact customers or staff. Build linear and branched pulse or ad-hoc surveys so you ask the questions that count.

Customisable linear or branched surveys

Send surveys that ask a series of chronological questions, or ask specific questions based on responses. Customise your survey with YES/NO, NPS, and free-type answers.

Personalised content

Automate and personalise SMS surveys based on recipient data. Send text surveys  tailored to your customers based on past purchase or service history making them more relevant and increasing  engagement rates.

Triggered surveys

Always contact your customers at the right time with automated SMS research that is triggered after specific actions such as completing an order or following a support call.

Real-time reporting

Gain full visibility of SMS Survey campaign performance and analyse individual responses in real-time as staff or customers actively engage with your surveys.

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Popular SMS Survey use cases

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Drive loyalty with customer satisfaction surveys

Measuring customer satisfaction is essential to long-term loyalty. Acquiring new business can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer, and increasing custom retention by just 5% can increase profits by 25-95%. Gather customer feedback and gain valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and behaviours by sending short surveys via SMS. Studies show that text messages have a 209% better response rate than any other channel for surveys.

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Determine product viability with research surveys

Building up enough representative data used to mean using a large sample size and extensive resources. SMS Surveys break this mould thanks to significantly higher response rates and cost-effective transmission. Collect feedback and get real-time information on what makes your target market tick without the need for external agencies or for expensive and far less effective mail or telephone campaigns.

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Data cleansing

Your communications are only as good as the database you’re using. Many businesses struggle with out-of-date or inaccurate customer data. SMS Surveys are an easy and cost-effective way to ensure your data is always up-to-date. SMS is less intrusive than a phone call and means that customers can respond at a time that suits them. Staying on top of your customer’s personal details, preferences and requirements has never been easier!

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Improve employee wellbeing

Staff surveys can boost morale, open fresh lines of communication and support new ideas to help improve business. They’re a hugely effective early warning system, identifying problems or concerns across an organisation so you can quickly put measures in place to rectify them. With an Esendex SMS survey, you get a holistic and central view of responses, making data analysis and insight gathering quick and easy to do.

Ensure the success of your next big event

SMS Surveys are an effective way for businesses to manage attendee preferences ahead of big events. By sending a series of simple SMS messages, you’ll be able to confirm attendance and contact details, secure menu choices and arrange for any special access requirements for attendees. You can store and share response data easily to ensure all stakeholders are well informed and your event runs smoothly.

“We feel very supported along the way and I can’t stress how happy we are with the service Esendex provided. We will for sure use Esendex again when we have another project that fits”


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