Esendex’s solutions solve healthcare communication problems.

A mobile-led communication strategy can better accommodate patients and healthcare workers.  A digitalised approach to data retrieval, dosage reminders, and appointment scheduling is just the beginning of how Esendex Mobile Journeys is improving the Australian healthcare industry

There is a man, he is very focused on his phone, he looks like he is in a waiting room. Potentially a doctors office. He is an older gentlemen, he is potentially filling out a form on his phone. He has an older lady next to him. His wife? Potentially. There is a snippet of a message conversation. A text reminder of a doctors appointment. Then a review message, asking how many starts. The man has replied '1 star' \. A follow up message has been served. 'We are sorry to see your...'

Used by Australian healthcare institutions.

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Smartphone focussed solutions for Healthcare


Multi-channel communication strategies to deliver critical comms.

Omnichannel chat allows healthcare providers to communicate with multiple patient interactions simultaneously, via the most appropriate channel for each patient. Saving costs, improving engagement and in the most efficient manner.


Missed appointments equal profit loss.

Traditional appointment reminders like post and agent-based phone calls have their limitations. In some cases, 50% fewer patients turn up for their appointments. This is compared to delivering appointment reminders via mobile-focused channels like SMS. (Source: BMJ Journals). 


Bupa needed an engaging means of communication with staff

Learn how Bupa deployed an Esendex solution that led to this quote ‘Using SMS has saved us time and effort which allows us to focus more time on caring for our residents’.



Older generations use Smartphones. 84% of Australians over the age of 75 owned a smartphone. (Source: The Australia talks survey).


90% of millennials book medical appointments through their mobile devices. (Source: Techjury).

7 million

Over 7 million Australians use WhatsApp actively.



The average user response time to a received SMS is just 90 seconds.


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55% of patients prefer to be reminded of their medical appointments through SMS, compared with 35% for email.

Source: Survey Monkey & Forrester Research.

Customer story

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Rockingham Peel Group

Their problem: appointment management via telephone was laborious and inefficient. E.g. booking 10 appointments could take 7 hours. This often resulted in only 40% of the clinic’s capacity being used.

Essendex solution: SMS deployed as a means to notify patients of appointment availability.

Our outcome: 90% of the clinic’s capacity is now booked up in a matter of minutes. This has resulted in a 98% time saving, leaving staff time to make improvements to other parts of the service.

Uses in healthcare

Rostering & shift filling

Your staff are too highly trained to waste time on organising the roster. This can easily be automated with SMS. That way, your facility will always have enough staff to provide the highest quality of care.

Appointment reminders

Sending SMS appointment reminders will mean fewer missed appointments, which means less wasted money in valuable staff time.

Patient check-up

Send an SMS to your patients to check in on how they are going after care, and make sure they’re on the best track to full health.

Dosage & vaccination reminders

Send dosage reminders to help your patients care for themselves. This will ensure they stay at the highest possible level of health and will make caring for them easier.

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Accreditation surveys

You can use SMS to send feedback surveys to outpatients and families. This will give you reviews that you can use for marketing purposes, or insight into how to improve your care. 

Motivational messages

Sending a motivational SMS to your staff every now and then will encourage them to continue their work as passionately as possible. It’s the quickest, simplest and most economical way to motivate staff.

Why do Australian healthcare providers choose Esendex?

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Easy to use portal interface

Quickly upload customer data to create personalised messages in the fastest time possible.

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Wide range of communication channels

Utilise SMS, Email and richer communication channels, to promote patient engagement.

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Direct network connections equal reliability

By only partnering with major networks, we can ensure your messages are sent with business-grade reliability.

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ISO27001 accreditation

Protecting our customers’ data is paramount.

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Message processing

We commit to processing 90% of your messages within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.

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