Connect with our SMS API Gateway to enable your system to send and receive SMS

Websites, apps and software applications can all have their communication routes upgraded in just a matter of minutes.

What are the programming languages available?

Our intelligent API is available in cURL, C#, PHP, Java, Ruby, Node, and Go meaning you can start using engaging SMS communications quickly. To get started, here’s how to send an SMS.

<!--This code is formatted to be read easily, it must be a single line when run from the terminal-->
curl -H "Content-type: application/xml" -H "Authorization: Basic base64logindetails" -d "
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
        <body>Every message matters</body>
/* Requires C# SDK */
var messagingService = new MessagingService("username", "password");
messagingService.SendMessage(new SmsMessage("07123456789", "Hello!", "accountRef"));
/* Requires PHP SDK  */
$message = new \Esendex\Model\DispatchMessage(
    "WebApp", /* Send from */
    "01234567890", /* Send to any valid number */
    "My Web App is SMS enabled!",
$authentication = new \Esendex\Authentication\LoginAuthentication(
    "EX000000", /* Your Esendex Account Reference */
    "", /* Your login email address */
    "password" /* Your password */
$service = new \Esendex\DispatchService($authentication);
$result = $service->send($message);
print $result->id();
print $result->uri();
/* Requires Java SDK */
UserPassword userPassword = new UserPassword("YourUsername","YourPassword");
BasicServiceFactory serviceFactory = ServiceFactory.createBasicAuthenticatingFactory(userPassword);
MessagingService messagingService = serviceFactory.getMessagingService();

SmsMessageRequest message = new SmsMessageRequest("RecipientNumber", "YourMessage");
MessageResultResponse response;
    response = messagingService.sendMessage("YourAccountReference", message);
}catch(Exception e){
#Requires the Ruby SDK
#Insert the following code in a file (eg. esendex.rb) in the configs/initializers.
Esendex.configure do |config|
  config.username = "<username>"
  config.password = "<password>"
  config.account_reference = "<account_reference>"

#Insert the following code in a function.
account =
batch_id = account.send_message( to: "RecipientNumber", body: "YourMessage")
//Requires the Node.js SDK
var config = require('./config'),
    esendex = require('../')(config);

var messages = {
  accountreference: config.accountreference,
  message: [{
    to: "07896563254",
    body: "Every message matters!"

esendex.messages.send(messages, function (err, response) {
  if (err) return console.log('error: ', err);
//Requires the GoLang SDK
accountClient := New("", "pass").Account("EX00000")

    {To: "00000000", Body: "Hello"},

What are the features of the Esendex SMS Portal?

your SMS sends

Send SMS automatically from apps, websites, e-commerce store and software – fast & secure integration.

is simple

Our SMS Gateway is designed to be simple to use and integrate to ensure you can start sending SMS in minutes.


Plan and set up reminders, promotions and notifications in advance and send at a time that suits your needs best.

Sender ID

You can use your brand or company name as the SMS Sender ID so people know who the message is from.

message tracking

Our push notification service allows your apps to receive real time message status updates.

Major programming
languages covered

Our API is available in cURL, C#, PHP, Java, Ruby, Node and Go.

automated SMS

By adding an Virtual Mobile Number (VMN), you can send & receive text messages with our SMS gateway.


Send one or more text messages instantly or scheduled for a future date.

Need to capture your staff & customers attention during the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic?

With a 94% open rate and 90% of messages being read in 3 minutes, SMS can help get your messages across swiftly.

With new policies and regulations being introduced everyday during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and organisations turn to SMS to communicate the rapid changes and to ensure everyone is well-informed.

Don’t have access to a developer?

Wanting to integrate SMS communications into your business but don’t have a developer? We can help. Our Zapier integration provides an easy way to connect your apps or software with SMS, with no coding or development skills required.

Our SMS platform is connected to over 1300 applications through Zapier, enabling your business to transform communications with staff and customers, improve customer service and save time and money all at once.

How can your business use the Esendex SMS API?

Here are some of the great ways our SMS API can be used to better connect with audiences

Appointment reminders

Using SMS for appointment reminders have proven to be a successful way to reduce no-shows for businesses and service providers.

Whether it is doctors appointments, restaurant bookings, car servicing or meetings with your clients, sending them a SMS 24-48 hours prior to the booking date is a great way to ensure their attendance, in some cases by as much as 50% (Health Services Research).

By integrating with our SMS API, you can set these appointment reminders to go out automatically, saving your businesses lots of time and resources from doing the same process over the phone or by paper based reminders.

Emergency alerts

In cases of emergency or crisis, SMS is the most reliable and effective way to deliver important and often time sensitive messages. With our connections to major networks and ISO 27001 accreditation, you can rest assured that your messages will get delivered swiftly, and your data will be processed with the highest standard of data security protocol.

From fault alerts, system failure notifications, disaster forewarning, checking in with staff on their safety in an emergency situation, to providing updates and assigning tasks, you can automate these alerts to be event triggered so your customers and staff will be informed.

Staff rostering

Communication with your staff is just as important as your customers and SMS is a great tool for that. From sending out the planned rosters, finding out staff members’ overtime availability to filling an open shift with short notice, SMS can help deliver the message swiftly.

By adding an Virtual Mobile Number, you can send out open shift notice via a Bulk SMS and receive replies from staff, saving you hours from contacting them one phone call at a time.

Delivery notifications

Research from Ipsos indicated that 53% of consumers now expect the estimated delivery time of their purchase to be accurate and available within 3 hours of their orders. SMS, having a higher response rate than email and push notifications (source: Optimove), is the perfect tool to keep your customers informed.

By integrating your e-commerce platform with our SMS API or via our Zapier integration, this process can easily be automated to save you and your staff from these administrative tasks.

This can improve both the customer experience, and the efficiency of your delivery service as alternative arrangements can be made if the customer is not home for the delivery.

Marketing & promotions

With a 94% open rate and a proven 17% purchase conversion rate (source), SMS is the most effective channel to deliver marketing and promotional messages to consumers.

With SMS, you don’t have to worry if the customers has “liked” your page or downloaded your App; or what kind of mobile phones or operating systems they are using, and still can be confident that they will receive the message exactly as you want them to.

If you’d like to offer a richer customer experience, consider an SMS Landing Page.

What are the benefits of the Esendex SMS API?

Information Security Standard

Our ISO27001 accreditation means all processes are aligned with the highest data security standard.

Direct connections
to major networks

Our direct network connections means your messages won’t change hands before reaching customers.

Local expert

You can reach our local support team on the phone in office hours for any questions you have.

Fast & reliable

We consistently outperform our SLA on 90% & 95% of SMS being processed within 5s & 20s respectively.

Don’t just take our word for it

How does the Esendex SMS API work for our customers?

Automated SMS for click-and-collect service

Find out how Capgemini used our SMS API to help one of their major retailers set up a click-and-collect service that significantly boosted the performance of their ecommerce division.

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