The best SMS and WhatsApp templates for 2022

SMS and WhatsApp campaigns are a wonderful way to engage your contacts in short and snappy personalised communication.

While it can be tempting to adopt a robotic or email tone, however, we believe success is achieved by understanding channels.

Twenty years of mobile comm experience has taught us, that the best way to begin an SMS campaign is by going back to basics and writing a brief. This could be to yourself, your team or a communications agency – regardless of the audience, this simple plan will ensure you’re on track to engage and convert. 

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The best way to start writing content for SMS campaigns

Some key questions to understand tone:

Who are you talking to?
What do we know about them?
What do they currently think about you?
What do we want them to do?
Where will they be when they receive this communication?

This information will help you with your message tone and the types of copy to use. 

How to write the best SMS and WhatsApp copy

Once the questions above have been answered, it’s important to put ourselves in the shoes of our consumers, imagining the environment in which they will receive the communication. Will they be running errands with small children? Or working on a construction site? While it’s near impossible to guess every receiver’s exact movements – with a little research and brainstorming we can have a vague idea. This will help fabricate tone and will aid with customer journey mapping.

A mobile message customer journey map can assist in strategising how many mobile touchpoints are required. For example: A flash sale or VIP announcement might require one mobile message, two emails, and a highly mobile optimised sale page on an e-commerce store. You might follow up with a strong Conversational Marketing abandoned cart strategy coupled with an ongoing dynamic Google shopping campaign. This could be seven touchpoints as we map each time a consumer comes into contact with a staff member, website, SMS or any other interaction with your business via their mobile. Each touchpoint works towards a conversion. Every touchpoint would be required to captivate, educate and envoke a sense of urgency.

Suppose the communication is about a more serious matter, for example, a default on a payment or bill. In this scenario, it would be important to get across the important information – while also gaining trust and looking legitimate. The communication may require a mobile journey that provides authentication – while also empowering the defaulter to set up their own repayment plan. In this example, it’s important that each touchpoint conveys professionalism, empathy and understanding.

Once communication tone and touchpoints are planned, the next stage is timing. We recommend knowing your audience by analysing your SMS or WhatsApp analytics. Understanding what time gets the best engagement from your target audience will ensure you have best-of-breed campaigns. If you haven’t run a mobile messaging campaign, social media analytics or email campaign analytics are a great start. However, it’s important to remember that different channels achieve different conversion rates.

If you’re looking for a little SMS copy inspiration, we have grouped our highest converting templates and segmented them by message type. Use the guide below or scroll through till you find what you need. 

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High converting SMS and WhatsApp templates

Please note that the templates below have brackets to symbolise where personalisation would be ideal. Please see our support article on merge tags and personalisation to learn how to use merge fields by segmenting uploaded data. Or speak to your account manager or support team member.

The Australian Anti Spam Act 2003 requires an opt in or inferred opt in for any marketing messages (email, SMS or otherwise). If the message is transactional and imperative for conducting business with someone who uses your services – they do not require to opt in. Marketing email and SMS messages also require an unsubscribe option – transactional do not, but we recommend including it. While we can suggest how to follow these guidelines, we highly recommend familiarising yourself with the Australian Anti Spam Act or your own country’s marketing law and requesting more information from an authoritative source. The information on our site is only our interpretation; this site may not be updated after changes. We are not experts in Marketing or Consumer Law.

Debt collection
  • Customer service and internal surveys
  • Notifications, reminders and alerts
  • Gain reviews
  • Flash sales and other marketing
  • BDM nurturing
  • Trading hours updates
  • Shift scheduling
  • Recruitment
  • Critical communications
  • Debt collection SMS and WhatsApp templates

    Collecting money can be stressful for all parties involved. Whether chasing personal or business debt, calling on a private number just isn’t effective. For a less invasive and time-intensive way to recoup funds, try SMS. By empowering the debtor with the ability to create their own payment schedule or pay the entire sum without speaking to a consultant. A less stressful transaction for all parties involved.

    Set a payment plan SMS
    • Dear [Name], your latest statement is now available to view here [Link]. Please remember to make the minimum payment of [Amount] before [Time period], by [Method].
    First reminder
    • Hi [Name]. You have an outstanding balance of [Amount]. Please visit [Link] to make a payment as soon as possible or call [Number] to discuss the matter further. Thank you.
    • Hi [Name]. Unfortunately, we have not seen any payments for the last [time period] days, we just wanted to make sure everything is ok. Please call [Phone number] to update us on your current situation and to avoid any further collections activity. We are open [Dates and times]. If you have contacted us in the last [Time period] days to update us on your situation, please ignore this message.

    Final reminder
    • Dear [Name], unfortunately, we have still not received payment for the outstanding sum of [amount]. We urge you to reply to this message within the next [Time period] to avoid any legal action that may be taken to recover outstanding debt.
    Payment options
    • Dear [Name], your payment of [Amount] is now overdue. We want to give you some options to help. 
      • Make a part-payment
      • Set up a payment plan
      • Talk to us

    <Once customer replies>

    Thank you
    • Thank you [Name]. Please follow the link to make a secure online payment, or call [Phone number] [Link]. 
    • Thank you. Your payment of [Amount] has been received and will be processed within [Time frame]. Your authorisation code for this payment is [Number]. If you’d like to turn on payment reminders for your account, reply with’REMIND ME’.

    Customer service and internal surveys SMS and WhatsApp templates

    Providing a channel for honest customer feedback can highlight specific areas within an organisation that require work. It’s also a morale builder if responses praise an individual team member.

    Poorly designed surveys that have bad UX, require multiple clicks and are an effort to complete usually result in low completion rates. Additionally, they can decrease future email open rates and result in a poor view of the brand.

    SMS surveys offer a quick and interactive experience to obtain feedback internally or externally. No need for multiple clicks or website loading time, the survey can be delivered to the palm of a respondee’s hand.

    SMS Surveys
    • Hi [Name], thank you for your subscription purchase of [product name]. If you have a spare moment, we’d value your feedback to help us improve [Insert organisation name]. To thank you for your time completing our survey, we have a prize draw of [insert prize], l T&Cs [insert link]. Please reply ‘VAMOS’ to begin.
    • Hi [Name], thank you for your time today with [Team member name]. Providing helpful training sessions is important to us at [Organisations name] and, we’d appreciate your honest feedback about your induction experience. If you’d like to answer our three-question survey, please reply with ‘GO’.
    • Hi [Employee name], your feedback is vital to us as we strive to continually improve our company culture at [Organisation name]. We would be very appreciative if you could answer four questions. We will also be providing complimentary Gold Class tickets to the first seven respondents. Please reply ‘BEGIN’ to start your survey.

    Notifications, reminders and alerts SMS and WhatsApp templates

    With isolations and lockdowns – deliveries have become very important events. In Australia, unless ‘permission to leave unattended’ is agreed upon by a consumer, retailers are liable for the purchases till the consumer signs for them. SMS notifications are a great way to ensure retailers, delivery agents, and consumers can coordinate a successful delivery – without a monetary loss to the retailer or delivery agent. It also works towards customer satisfaction and repeat business.

    Likewise, appointment reminders help businesses minimise profit loss from appointment no-shows. A simple reminder with the ability to reschedule two days in advance can communicate a penalty of not attending without notice and can give a business ample time to fill an appointment space if the appointment is rescheduled.

    Notifications, reminders and alerts 
    • Hey [Name]. Your [Product] from [Company name] has been dispatched. We expect delivery on [Insert date]. Please note, due to COVID restrictions [Insert delivery agent] has been encountering delays. We will endeavour to keep you updated.
    • Your parcel is scheduled to be delivered between [Time] and [Time]. If this is no longer convenient, please reschedule – [Link].
    • Your [Product] from order [Order code] is ready for pickup and collect from [Location]. If you’re unable to pickup before [Date] please respond with ‘RESCHEDULE’.
    • Hi [Name], your order [Order number] has been collected. If you have any feedback or questions please respond with any text to this SMS.

    Appointment management 
    • Hi [Name], your appointment is at [Time] on [Date]. If you are able to attend please confirm by replying ‘1’ or ‘YES’. If you need to cancel please respond ‘2’ or ‘CANCEL’ if you need to reschedule please reply ‘3’ or ‘RESCHEDULE’. Please note penalties apply for not notifying within 24 hours if you cannot attend.

    <customer chooses to reschedule>

    • Thank you for notifying us [Name]. Your appointment has been cancelled with no penalty. To reschedule you can click [Link to mobile landing page] or simply reply to this SMS with your desired time and date.

    Gain reviews SMS and WhatsApp templates

    The benefits of authentic customer reviews are plentiful. Some claim lots of reviews help businesses climb the ranks of SEO. While this is up for debate, highly-reviewed businesses certainly get noticed.

    For starters, it’s fair to believe that potential consumers will trust the reviews of current customers over the statements published by the company in question. Honest reviews (the good and the bad) paint a realistic picture of how a business operates and most importantly, treats their customers. Now, this doesn’t mean 300 5 star reviews on Google or a review site- this looks unrealistic and fake. Even the bad reviews can work in a business’s favour. As a business, we are judged on how we handle our worst customers – rather than on how we handle our best. A good approach is a contingency plan for such scenarios – having a plan can do a world of good. Especially if a manager is uncontactable when a bad review is made. Some businesses report they get higher sales when they handle a difficult reviewer’s review with respect, empathy and excellent customer service. It’s the best way to show the world how you do business. If you’d like to create a link to your Google My Business reviews, Google has a great guide here.

    Increase reviews
    • Hi there, welcome to [Company name]. You will receive updates on your orders as well as exclusive deals right here on WhatsApp.
    • As we are a small business in a big world, if you’re happy to share your experience, we would really benefit from an honest Google Review.
    • Dear [Name], Thank you for organising [Event name] with [Resturant name] on [Date]. We hope you enjoyed your special day! If you’d like to share your experience, we’d find it very beneficial. You can either reply to this message to receive an email with instructions or post directly on Google Reviews [Link] or Zomato [Link].
    • Hi [Name], we were just checking in regarding the work you had completed today at [Time] [Location] with [Trades person name]. How did we go? Feel free to reply back to this SMS, or even better – an honest Google review would make our day.
      Thanks so much.

    Flash sales and other marketing SMS and WhatsApp templates

    New products launch
    • Hi [Name], the wait is over! The NEW LIMITED EDITION [Product] has arrived. Hurry and shop now before they sell out [Link].
    Personalised offer
    • Happy birthday [Name]. Enjoy [Percentage] off sitewide on your special day by using the code [Code] at the checkout. Valid until [Date].
    Referral programme
    • Love our [Products/service]? Recommend us to a friend and you both get [Discount] when they [Sign up/order] using the code [Code].
    Weather specific sale
    • It’s another cold and rainy day of ‘summer’ in Melbourne. but we have the goods to warm you up! Order a [Delivery food deal] within the next 2 hours and use the code [Code] for [Price].

    BDM nurturing SMS and WhatsApp templates

    End of year
    • Hi [Name]. Thank you for all of your support in 2022. We look forward to working with you in 2023. We hope you have a lovely and safe New Year’s Eve!
    • Hello [Name], It’s coming up to 12 months since your last service for [Insert vehicle make]. If you’d like to book a service with us, we’d love to fit you in. Just reply to this message, and we’ll do the rest!
    Health insurance at EOFY
    • Hi [Name], we have thirty days before the new financial year, and we’ve noticed you haven’t claimed your optical extras. Here is a list of all of our optical partners in [Location]. If you need any extra help in making a claim, reply with ‘HELP’, and we’ll get you in touch with one of our customer support team members.

    Trading hours updates SMS and WhatsApp templates

    • Hi [Name], we will be taking an extended Easter break at [Company name]. Please note we will close Monday the 18th of April and reopen Monday the 2nd of May. If you have any urgent matters during this time [Insert staff name] will be available on [Insert number]. We hope the Easter Bunny visits you!
    Change of hours
    • Hi [Name], please note we are changing our staffed hours at [Suburb] [Brand] gym. We are now staffed from 8 am-8 pm. If you would like to attend out of these hours, please reply to this message and we will organise an out-of-hours access key.
    New hours
    • Hello [Name], we’re excited to let you know we will now be open throughout the week in addition to our usual weekends. Starting [Insert date], we will be available from 7 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

    Shift scheduling SMS and WhatsApp templates

    Shifts available
    • Hi [Name], we have three shifts available for this week beginning [Date of the week]. [Shift options]. Reply YES to accept all shifts or ‘ALTER’ to accept some.
    • Hi [Name], welcome to [Company name]. To better help us schedule the upcoming roster, please fill out your availability [Link to mobile landing page for availiblity]. Thanks so much.
    Fill spot
    • Hi [Name], [Company name] needs a [Job title] tomorrow evening the 23rd of July from 8 pm – 3 am. Please reply ASAP if you are able to make this shift.

    Recruitment SMS and WhatsApp templates

    • Hello [Name], we have an exciting job opportunity in the finance sector, based in Camberwell. If you are interested please reply MORE INFO to this message or call the team on [Phone number].
    • Hello [Name]. We can confirm your interview on [Date] at [Time] with [Interviewer name]. Please attend [Location]. Thank you.
    Book Staff
    • Hello [Name], [Business name] requires extra staff on [Date] in [Location]. If you’re available to work, please reply via SMS or call [Phone number].
    • Hello [Name], welcome to [Company name], we’re excited to have you on board. Your first day will be at our [Location] office, please arrive at [Time] on [Date]. If you have any questions please contact [Manager name] on [Phone number]. 

    Critical Communications SMS and WhatsApp templates

    Business-critical communications
    Temporary office closure
    • Good morning. Overnight we had a power outage at the [Location branch/store], which we’re working hard to fix. Please log on remotely and await further instruction. We thank you for your patience. 
    Local emergency
    • ATTENTION! There has been an emergency in [Location]. Please confirm your location and status as ‘SAFE’ or ‘REQUIRE ASSISTANCE’ by responding to this message with your employee ID number. If you require emergency assistance please call 000.

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