Mobile Messaging For Local Authorities

Communications that work for communities.

Enable seamless communications between residents, staff, and suppliers, with mobile messaging solutions tailored to solve your communication challenges.

Trusted by government bodies to solve their mobile messaging challenges

Between chasing ever-growing council tax arrears and prompting completion of resident applications, governments across the country face constantly increasing admin costs.

Esendex helps local governments reduce the budgetary burden of manual labour with intelligent mobile messaging journeys that automate everything from government application reminders to council tax payments.

Significantly reduce admin overheads

Rapidly create and launch mobile automations that tackle time-consuming tasks on autopilot.

Collect council tax arrears efficiently and ethically

Offer debt advice, remind customers of upcoming bills and empower residents to self-cure their debt with SMS and WhatsApp mobile messaging.

Quickly deliver major incident notifications

From bomb threats to flood warnings and road closures, reduce strain on public services with real-time SMS or WhatsApp updates.

Tap into a team of mobile messaging experts

Work with a team of experts that understand the challenges local authorities face and have developed proven mobile messaging strategies to help you overcome them. From reducing admin costs to collecting arrears on autopilot, we create custom solutions tailored to your business that help you address and overcome your challenges.

Integrate quickly and easily with your existing technology stack

Spend less time on integration and more time on execution. Integrate Esendex with legacy tech in minutes without IT support, and start creating mobile messaging journeys that save you time and money.

Tackle your most time-consuming tasks with messaging automations

Recover council tax arrears and reduce missed appointments, all without picking up the phone. With Esendex, you can quickly create and launch powerful mobile messaging automations that tackle time-consuming tasks at scale, reducing admin workload and saving you money.

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Increase application completion with engaging SMS reminders

Help residents through lengthy applications like planning permissions and grants with proactive SMS, WhatsApp or rich messaging reminders that prompt them to pick up where they left off. By connecting residents to their preferred communications channels, Esendex helps local government entities increase engagement and drive applications forward to success.

Confidently develop your strategy with expert support

Our service doesn’t stop at implementation. Our team is here to help you get the most out of your mobile messaging journey. From launching tailored campaigns to optimising automations to achieve the best possible performance, we help you to scale to continually drive greater efficiencies, savings, and ROI.

Customer success stories

Saving time & money for council and customer with mobile messaging

Discover how Brighton & Hove City Council saved time on council tax arrears, collections and increased engagement by empowering residents to self-cure debt via SMS automations.

See Esendex in action

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