White Papers

These industry focused White Papers will guide you through the most relevant information on SMS, as well as show how SMS can suit the communications needs of your business.

SMS in Healthcare

Harness the power of SMS for direct communication with staff and patients. SMS offers an easy solution to rostering issues and effective reminders for patients.

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Retail Marketing

We explore the challenges faced by retail marketers, and the role of mobile in an effective marketing strategy.

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Transport & logistics

Whether transporting goods or people, SMS traffic updates, delivery notifications and more can help drive efficiency.

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As the preferred means of communication across generations; contact staff and students efficiently with SMS.

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Promote your products and brand name with SMS. Instantly inform customers and maximise sales with SMS.  

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SMS in Aged Care

Communicate effectively with residents, families and other stakeholders within aged care.

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SMS is perfect for accounting services for things like billing reminders, scheduling and more.

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Laws & regulations

SMS is regulated to ensure the protection and privacy of message recipients.

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SMS providers

Not all SMS providers were created equal. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for.

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Don’t shoot the Facebook Messenger

We explore the reasons why more businesses haven’t embraced Messenger, and the possibilities it presents.

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SMS in Hospitals

SMS is perfect for hospitals. Use SMS for dosage & vaccine reminders, appointment reminders, staff rostering, shift fillings and more.

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SMS in Financial

SMS can be used within financial services to great affect, including banking, insurance and accounting.

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What is grey routing?

Would you trade message security, speed and reliability for a cheaper rate when sending SMS? Read this before making up your mind.

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Test & learn 

Ensure the greatest success of your marketing campaigns by testing variables with SMS.

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Marketing agencies

Implement SMS for your marketing strategies for the best way to reach your customers’ target audience.

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