Communication Solutions For The Education Sector

Effective, automated communication for educators

Keep students safe, and parents and staff up-to-date with everything from school closures to events and outings. Esendex can help bridge the gap between school and home.

Modern educators need to be able to respond quickly to any number of disruptions that could affect the lives of students and their parents or guardians. To fulfil their duty of care responsibilities, educators need communication solutions that are fast, safe, and easy to use.

Esendex helps educators implement effective, automated mobile messaging strategies that enable instant, two-way communication to maximise engagement with parents and staff.

Send emergency SMS notifications fast

Send instant SMS notifications to the entire school database or select groups of contacts to update parents and staff in emergency situations.

Build trust with parents and guardians

82% of parents want schools to communicate more using digital channels. Esendex can help educators boost engagement and build better relationships.

Monitor and improve student satisfaction

Use SMS surveys to collect student feedback via a convenient channel which is both easy to use and cost-effective.

Partner with experts that understand the education sector

We work collaboratively with schools, universities and education providers to understand their specific communication challenges, then tailor our solutions to address those challenges. The result? Communication solutions that are easy to implement and that return value fast.

Communicate with speed and ease

Quickly upload student and staff data to create messages in the fastest time possible. Choose from our library of message templates or build your own for everything from student surveys to parent or guardian updates.

Remove friction from parent and guardian communication

Empower parents and guardians to self-solve common issues such as scheduling parent teacher appointments or paying for school lunches or outings. Esendex helps your customers to do more without the need for time-consuming human interaction.

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Allow parents and guardians to engage using their preferred channels

Utilise SMS, Voice, Email and WhatsApp RCS and more to promote student, parent and guardian engagement. With Esendex, you can deliver fast solutions to enquiries, without parents and guardians having to hop between messaging channels.

Succeed with strategic support and guidance

We’re dedicated to building messaging solutions that create long-term value for your organisation. We offer tiered support packages that help you optimise our solutions to serve the changing objectives of their business.

Customer success stories

Discover how Esendex’ financial customers solved their customer communication challenges with our mobile messaging platform:
Somerset County Council builds robust messaging backup system

Discover how Somerset County Council integrated Esendex into their existing Management Information System (MIS) to create an offsite backup system that enables emergency message sending should their MIS ever fail.

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