Internal communication strategies

Workplace communication got a little more challenging during the pandemic, with almost every business adapting to having remote workers! The key issue isn’t usually a lack of communication channels, rather, too many of them competing for attention. Esendex’s solutions help you cut through the noise when the message really matters.

It's a man, potentially a hipster as he has a beard. He has a laptop open and he is looking into his phone. What is he looking at? Oh we know, an avaibable shift reply directly to the message to accept. He does, happy days! A great example of work place internal communication with shift fulfilling using an Esendex solution with SMS.
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Staff rostering

Shift management

Shift management can be a real admin burden. Calling round your team to get sick cover, for example, can take hours, and that’s time better spent delivering your services.

On the other hand, using mobile messaging for staff rostering takes minutes: a text to all suitable people on a first come, first served basis costs very little to implement and can be run from your current systems to save even more time.

Collect feedback from staff

Staff surveys

Business Continuity Planning

Critical communications

Unfortunately, many Australian businesses don’t need to imagine what might happen if extreme weather conditions or cyber attacks damage their business – it’s something they’ve lived through.

Speed and clarity of communication is critical to the success of a disaster recovery plan, as well as reach: the only channel that meets all of these needs is SMS.

Paperless forms

Employee onboarding

Onboarding new employees who’re working from home is a pain. People aren’t always able to print documents for signatures, or don’t have the right software to edit online documents – and the current alternative is via the mail, which is slow and expensive.

Esendex’s Mobile Journeys solution lets your new employee manage everything via their smartphone, with nothing to download or print. You’ll have complete visibility of their progress, too.

Why should you switch from email to mobile-led for your employee communications?

SMS has a 95% open rate compared to email’s 20% open rate, and is less likely to be used for spam – meaning that your message is much more likely to be read

(Esendex Research)

Your text will be read within 3 minutes by 90% of recipients – perfect if you need an urgent response

(Esendex Research)

You can now use texts for longer-form content and still benefit from the great open rate: you can send job sheets, directions, instructions and more via a dedicated, personalised SMS landing page.

Why choose Esendex

Join the trusted global leader in business communications.
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Reliable, fast, message delivery

We have direct connections to Australia networks, meaning that your messages will be delivered quickly and reliably using the best route possible.

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Increase response rates

SMS might be a tiny bit more money than an email, but the volume of responses you’ll receive will be much higher – so it drives a stronger ROI

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We’re more than just SMS

Esendex Australia is leading the way in messaging technology, offering WhatsApp and mobile web apps to transform your messaging experience

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Save a bunch of time

Whether you use our online platform or our API, we have bundles of time-saving features like message templates and contact groups

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Everyone will receive your message

Every phone receives text messages, and you don’t need an internet connection; this has huge benefits for alerts and notifications.

Customer stories


Bupa Care Services

Find out how Bupa use text messaging to fill vacant shifts, to drive attendance at staff meetings and training sessions, and simply to recognise the incredibly important and hard work being delivered by their team.

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State Emergency Service (SES)

The State Emergency Service and Rural Fire Service rely on volunteers to provide public services in the event of a disaster, and rapid mobilisation of this group of people is essential to ensuring the effectiveness of the response. SMS has not only improved the speed and reach of SES’ messages, it’s also reduced their costs. 


CTI Logistics

CTI Logistics employ over 800 staff in multiple locations, delivering critical equipment and services to their clients. They leverage SMS both to ensure first time delivery rates are high (i.e. reminding the recipient of the date and time of delivery), and also to manage complex staff rostering requirements.

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