Internal Communication Solutions

Reliable messaging solutions to keep staff informed, engaged and productive.

Esendex helps businesses communicate better with staff using scalable mobile messaging solutions that can be used for everything from shift management to crisis comms.

Build a stronger connection between your employees and your business with mobile-first messaging solutions

Disparate workforces, tighter budgets and tougher competition mean your business needs to operate more efficiently than ever before. However, without the proper internal communications structure, this poses a challenge for many businesses.

Esendex provides mobile messaging solutions designed to help your business quickly and effectively communicate with staff, giving teams the communication platform they need to do their best work.

Staff rostering

Engage shift workers with a mobile-first messaging solution that can be used to fill shifts, organise staff meetings and training sessions, and motivate staff.

Business continuity planning

Send critical communications at the touch of a button. Keep staff informed during a crisis, monitor IT systems and update customers and suppliers.

Employee NPS surveys

Find out how your employees feel with SMS Surveys. Analyse and action feedback to improve employee satisfaction.

Recruitment and onboarding

Cut down on paperwork by using mobile forms to sign-up and register new employees. Automate applications to instantly disqualify candidates that don’t meet certain criteria.


Our voice solution allows drivers to pick up job requests and connect directly to agents handsfree. Confirmations can be sent by text message and read between deliveries.

Work with experts that understand employee engagement

We work collaboratively with our customers to first understand their specific employee engagement challenges, then tailor our solutions to address them. The result? Communication solutions that are easy to implement and that make a noticable difference to employee engagement.

Automate message execution

Quickly upload employee data to create automated, personalised messages that can be delivered at scale. Choose from our library of message templates or build your own for everything from employee surveys to critical comms.

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Allow employees to engage using their preferred channels

Utilise SMS, Voice, Email, WhatsApp, RCS and more to give employees the choice of how and where they engage. Measure employee satisfaction, and manage shifts and recruitment without staff and prospects having to hop between messaging channels.

Succeed with strategic support and guidance

We’re dedicated to building messaging solutions that create long-term value for your business. With ongoing guidance and support included with all packages, we’re here to help you optimise our solutions to serve the changing objectives of your business.

Customer success stories

Increasing customer service feedback from 3% to 47%

Reducing admin strain using SMS and Mobile Journey technologies

Allowing resource planners to manage shifts, overtime and holiday using 2-way SMS

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