What is an SMS Sender ID?

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What is an SMS Sender IDAn SMS Sender ID is a quick way to let people receiving an SMS know exactly who the SMS is from. It is basically what appears in the “sent from” address on a mobile phone; although it’s not like a normal “sent from” address, as you can’t reply to a message where a Sender ID has been used.

They work well because there is no need for the user to store any numbers in their phone. You choose who the message will appear to be from; it can be up to 11 characters long and chosen from any alpha-numeric character.Using an SMS Sender ID is a great way to get instant brand recognition when interacting with customers or staff.

Most companies choose to use their brand name as the Sender ID, for example “PIZZASHOP”. However anything can be used. In some cases you may want to use the name of the current promotion, for example “TWO4ONE”.SMS Sender ID’s are best used for sending out messages that contain things like vouchers, promotional messages, news updates and anything else that doesn’t require a response.

If you do plan on sending out SMS messages that require replies, then you’ll want to use a Virtual Mobile Number. Most brands can’t afford to be plastered all over TV and the high streets, but sending out the odd branded SMS will not cost the world, and it will keep your brand at the front of the minds of your customers, so when they are looking to buy something you offer, they will remember to buy it from you.

With Esendex you get the option of using a Sender ID absolutely free. You can change the Sender ID as much as you want and you can choose whether or not to use one. Total flexibility.


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