Send SMS With Your Business Name Or Other Custom Sender ID

A business SMS Sender ID can create a professional impression while instantly notifying the end-user of your identity. The traditional mobile number or saved contact in the from section is replaced within an ID created by you within an 11 character limit.

Whether you choose your brand name, a customer representative’s name or a unique campaign (EG CrystalPerk), the customised ID boosts brand familiarity and engagement.

Features & benefits of an SMS Sender ID

Customer will instantly recognise who the message is from

A Sender ID will allow your company name to appear when they first receive the message. This helps with building your brand recognition.

Using a Sender ID reinforces trust

Not only does a Sender ID give brand recognition, but seeing a message branded instils a bit of extra trust. So instead of your customers receiving an SMS from a random number, which could be anyone, they will see it is from your brand. To a customer, this looks like you’ve invested in your messaging, and therefore is less likely to be a scam or spam.

Perfect for SMS marketing

Using a Sender ID is great for marketing, as it is a one-way communication medium. If you are using one for marketing, however, you will be required to insert a Virtual Mobile Number into the message, to give recipients an option to “opt-out”.

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