Upgrade your patient communication strategy: 25 ready to use text templates for healthcare

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When it comes to healthcare, more than a third of people would actually prefer to self-manage their medical affairs digitally – such as through an online portal – than to speak to another human. Another way you can meet this demand is to digitalise your patient communication strategy. 

Rather than letters and phone calls, send reminders, alerts and other important notifications via a mobile messaging channel like SMS or WhatsApp. Not only do you benefit from instant delivery, but open rate can be as high as 99% and response time is 90 seconds on average.

Here are some examples of SMS and WhatsApp messages you can send to your patients.

25 text templates for the healthcare industry

Appointment reminders

A simple confirmation:

Hi [Name], we’re just confirming your appointment on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please ring the practice if you need to cancel or reschedule.

A simple reminder:

Hello [NAME], you have an appointment on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before your appointment time.

Encourage a response:

Hi [NAME], your appointment with [DOCTOR NAME] is on [DATE] at [TIME]. Please confirm by replying with Y or N to reschedule.

A rich message version:

Hi [NAME], you have an appointment today with [DOCTOR NAME] at [TIME]. Need to make any changes?

[Button: Reschedule] [Button: Call reception]

For new patients:

Hi [NAME], you have an appointment tomorrow with [DOCTOR]. Please fill out our new patient form: [URL] Call us on [NUMBER] if you have any questions.

Opt-in confirmation

A simple confirmation:

Hello [NAME], you’re now signed up to receive updates from [PRACTICE NAME]. 

Add a link:

Hi [NAME], thank you for signing up to receive [CHANNEL] updates from us. We’ll be sending you the latest health-related news. Want to opt out? [LINK]

Opt-out confirmation

A short confirmation:

You have successfully unsubscribed from our [CHANNEL] updates.

Add personalisation:

Hi [NAME], just confirming that you’ve successfully unsubscribed from receiving text messages from us. We’re sorry to see you go!

Test results

A short alert:

Your test results are now ready. Please ring the practice.

Add a link:

Hi [NAME], your test results are now available on our portal: [LINK] Please ring us if you have any questions. [NUMBER]

A rich message:

Hello [NAME], your test results are now ready. Please book a slot with us to discuss the results,

[Button: Book appointment] [Button: Call us]

Survey request

Following up from an appointment:

Hi [NAME], could you please take a minute to take our short survey and let us know what you thought when you attended your appointment on [DATE]? It would really help us improve our services.

Following up on an appointment no-show:

Our records show that you did not attend your appointment on [DATE]. Could you please take a moment to let us know why so we can update our records? [LINK]


Screening invitation:

[NAME], it’s time for your [CONDITION] screening. Please ring the practice and book an appointment with us.

Reminder to book a recurring appointment:

Hi [NAME], it’s time for your quarterly [APPOINTMENT] check-up. Click here to book: [URL]

Inactive patient invitation:

It’s been [NUMBER] months since your last appointment, [NAME]. Book your next appointment soon and avoid [ISSUE].

Preventative treatment promotion:

Hi [NAME], the days are getting longer, hotter and brighter. When was the last time you had a skin cancer screening? Make a preventative appointment today with [DOCTOR NAME]!

Event promotion:

We’re holding a drop-in session at [PRACTICE] on [DATE] at [TIME]. Come along and share your concerns with our service or healthcare in general. Together, we can find a solution!


Hi [NAME], if you know anyone that’s looking for a new [DOCTOR/DENTIST ETC], refer them to us and you’ll receive [INCENTIVE].

Service update

Closure reminder:

Please note that the practice is closed today for [HOLIDAY]. We will open on [DATE] at [TIME].

Opening hours reminder:

Hi [NAME], just an update regarding our opening hours for [HOLIDAY]. Our team will be available on [DAYS] at [TIME]. 

Loyalty promotion

Happy holidays, [NAME]! As a little thank you for being with us for all these years, get [% DISCOUNT] off all [TREATMENTS] until [DATE].

Marketing promotion

[NAME], do you suffer from [CONDITION]? If so, get [% DISCOUNT] on [TREATMENT]. Call us today for a free consultation! Offer valid until [DATE]


Hi [NAME], thinking about [TREATMENT]? Our records show that you might be an ideal candidate. Book your free consultation with us today: [NUMBER]

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