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Planning social media calendars, scheduling sales and drafting marketing blogs can be difficult. Public holidays in Australia for 2021 have many state-specific alterations. Attempting to reference each one can be a time-consuming task. Annually the Esendex marketing team work together to plot all the necessary dates onto one document. When planning our marketing and retail activities, we look to this calendar for inspiration and as a quick reference for geographical specific communication. We’ve found this process works very well for us.

A few years ago, we decided not to keep our calendars to ourselves and started sharing our key-date-guides for all. The below is a low-quality PNG file, you are able to save it to your computer easily, you can even upload to your own website if you provide us with a note and a link. We personally prefer to print ours out and stick it next to our desks. This is why we have included a print-ready version in PDF. If you’d prefer to use the full version please click here or the 2021 schedule below.

A collation of all notable dates for Australia.

There are a variety of uses for the key dates we’ve collated. While we sometimes have to quickly deploy campaigns reactively, especially in this current climate, it is far more beneficial to plan. Events such as Click Frenzy, Cyber Monday, Singles Day and Boxing Day sales take time and critical strategy to ensure that messages aren’t drowned by louder competition. Additionally, blocking out one day to do future social media planning will allow you to concentrate on the task at hand. In most cases, jumping quickly from task-to-task or multi-tasking can decrease productivity and efficiency. Giving your self more time means you have more time to collaborate with other businesses or blogs for cross-promotion and ensures any holdups with other departments aren’t an issue.  

We’ve researched a wide range of different sources including the Australian Government Public Holiday website to ensure our information is accurate and inclusive of all Australian states and territories. However, if we have missed anything or if you have any corrections or ideas, let us know!

Please feel free to email Mez at It’s also worth noting that with COVID-19, many events may be changed or cancelled, we will endeavour to make edits while we can. 

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