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Our professional SMS products

A channel that boasts a 98% open rate* and messages being read within 3 minutes; SMS is one of the most effective means of communicating with your customers and staff.

When you choose Esendex to send your SMS, you benefit from our direct connections with major networks, ISO 27001 accreditation, and truly robust platforms supported by experienced inhouse engineers. This means all of your messages are sent quickly, securely and reliably.

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Mobile & Web

Tailored mobile web journeys

Triggered by a link within an SMS or email, Esendex's Mobile Journeys remove distractions and difficulties, and make it easy to complete a specific goal or task. For example, filling in a form, completing a survey or redeeming personalised coupons.

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Send beautiful messages

If you're looking for an effective way to communicate with your customers through email, particularly as part of a wider communication strategy, Esendex Email is the solution for you.

Esendex Email is a fully managed solution, which means we will look after everything from helping you craft intelligent email templates,  to automating your email processes.

We can even build intelligent workflows to determine which customers should receive which email template, when they should receive it, and whether it should be precede or follow another communication medium.

Esendex applications by industry

Examples of how Esendex's business communication solutions have helped companies reach their goals

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Driving cost savings and staff efficiency while improving patient satisfaction through the innovative use of SMS.

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Transport & Logistics

From delivery notifications to taxi bookings, customer enquiries to cancellations, SMS is affordable and effective.

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Communicating with staff, pupils and parents regarding emergencies, absences and reminders is easy with Esendex SMS.

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SMS in Aged Care

Improving the efficiency of staff cover and rostering, communicating with loved ones, and scheduling appointments.

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Financial Services

Whether your business is accounting, debt collection or loan applications, when reliability and open rates matter, SMS works.

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Laws and Regulations

SMS is regulated to ensure the protection and privacy of message recipients.

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