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Introducing SMS Surveys...

Send SMS Surveys to get to know what your customers and staff really think. Perfect for following up after meetings, phone calls, appointments or more. With SMS you get feedback instantly. How can SMS Surveys help you?

Get valuable feedback 
By listening to your customers you can tailor your products and services to better suit their needs. Keeping your customers happy is key to running a successful business.

Avoid losing valuable customers
With SMS Surveys you can easily highlight unhappy customers or those on the verge of leaving. You can assess the problems, work upon them and avoid losing them, whilst also increasing their loyalty.

Keep your employees happy
Engaging with your employees is paramount to gaining feedback and real insights. You can work out what makes them happy and what they might like to improve. Therefore giving you the chance to work on benefits, staffing and other workplace objectives to maintain a happy workforce.

Carry out market research
Using SMS Surveys, you can conduct quick and affordable market research - perfect if you're looking to introduce new product or service.

95.3% said they would respond to an SMS Survey request"


An example of an SMS survey