How can SMS Surveys help your business?

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Satisfaction surveys
Market research
Data cleansing
Staff surveys
Event planning
Using SMS Surveys for customer satisfaction surveys
Satisfaction surveys

Keeping your customers happy is key to running a successful business. With SMS Surveys you can find out how your customers really feel with very little effort.

SMS Surveys enable you to identify unhappy customers or those on the verge of leaving instantly. All replies are fed back to the dashboard in real time, allowing you to take swift actions to complaints or any less than satisfactory comments.

Using SMS Surveys for market research
Market research

Using SMS Surveys, you can conduct market research in a quick and affordable way.

Perfect for launching new products or services, exploring new markets, getting to know potential new customers or gauging brand awareness.

By sending survey questions via SMS, you are delivering them directly to the handsets of your audiences, resulting in quicker response times and higher response rates.

Using SMS Surveys for data cleansing
Data cleansing

Customer data is a huge asset, but only when the database is up to date.

Compared to traditional channels like post and manual calls, SMS Surveys are a much more cost effective and less time consuming way to update your database.

You can ask a series of questions to validate all personal details. The customers get to answer these questions at a time that suits them best. You can either download and update your database all at once, or use our API to automate the process, making it a win-win for both sides.

Using SMS Surveys for staff surveys
Staff surveys

Use SMS Surveys to find out what makes your team happy, how they feel about a new policy or in what area of the business they might like to see changes.

Conducting staff surveys via text message enables staff to respond while they are on-the-go. It also gives them the privacy to respond freely, ensuring reliable survey results.

You can then study and analyse the feedback and insights provided by the staff, and work on areas that need improvement to maintain a happy workplace.

Using SMS Surveys for event planning
Event planning

SMS Surveys come in handy when organising events where you will need to cater for each attendee's unique requirements.

Send them a series of questions via SMS to confirm attendance, update contact details, and find out if they have any dietary or special access requirements.

Use SMS Surveys to achieve a better response rate, save time and resources, and allow your staff to plan the event in a more effective manner.

So what are the benefits?

Better use
of resources

Compared to traditional channels like post and manual calls, SMS Surveys save both cost and resources.

Higher response

SMS Surveys frequently achieve 47% response rates, compared to 24.8% for email and 9% for telephone. (Source)

Added convenience
for customers

Give customers the convenience to provide feedback or response at a time and place which suits them best.


Our flexible API enables you to easily integrate SMS Surveys with your existing systems.

business decisions

Make informed business decisions using the feedback and insights you collect from staff and customers.

in minutes

Our easy to use and intuitive platform lets you set up surveys quickly and effortlessly.

Analyse results

The real-time dashboard makes it easy to analyse results and create reports for further analysis.


Don't just take our word for it

How do SMS Surveys work for our customers?

Increasing customer service feedback from 3% to 47% for Vaillant Group

Vaillant Group looked for new and engaging ways for customers to provide feedback to their services as their current response rate was too low. Find out how our SMS Surveys products helped solve their problem.

What can SMS Surveys do for my business?

Here are some of the great features of SMS Surveys that will help you make faster, smarter business decisions.

Build your
own survey

Our survey platform is totally customisable, allowing you to build a survey that works best for your business.

Ask the
right questions

Whether it's simple Y/N responses, rating scales or open ended questions, our platform supports all of them.


By using dynamic fields, you can easily personalise surveys with each recipient's details.


Keep track of your campaign's performance with live data, and analyse individual responses as they arrive.

Linear or
branched surveys

You can ask a series of chronological questions, or ask follow up questions based on earlier responses.


Send automated SMS Surveys to find out how your customers feel after they complete an order or receive a service.


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