Mobile Journeys

Taking a survey, filling in a form, activating a coupon or arranging appointments are all easier to complete on a desktop rather than a phone – unless you’re using a Mobile Journey

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What are Mobile Journeys?

It’s projected that 19.27 million Australians will use a smartphone by 2022, so improving the ease of interaction with your online content is essential. Mobile Journeys go several steps further than simply optimising your website: they remove all distractions so that a goal is easy to complete; they are specifically designed for completion on a mobile with a friction-free customer experience, and guide your audience to complete the task you’ve set quickly and easily.

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What can Mobile Journeys be used for?

Here are some of the ways you can increase engagement with your customers.

An illustration of a smart phone with a bill to be paid

Debt Collections/Payments

Using Mobile Journeys to collect outstanding balance or payment would allow your customers to make payment swiftly and easily, all via their mobile phone.

Add an authentication stage to verify customers’ identities before proceeding to your fully branded payment environment.

Your customer will then be guided through the simple and convenient PCI compliant Mobile Journey to enter their payment amount and choose their preferred payment details.

Reports can be tailored to capture any or all touchpoints to help identify drop off points for improved performance.

An illustration of a smart phone with 3 survey questions


Conducting surveys via Mobile Journeys allows you to ask questions in almost any format: radio buttons, sliders or free-type – in a manner that’s both convenient and engaging for your audience.

Find out how customers rate your products and services, or if staff are happy with their work for valuable insights to improve your business; all within a fully branded, easy to use and self-serve environment.

All surveys data is provided in a customisable report to suit your business requirements.

An illustration of a smartphone with a digital coupon of 20% off


Use Mobile Journeys to deliver more targeted and tailored marketing and promotional campaign.

Whether you are launching a new product, promoting a new event, running a promotional offer or trying to drive traffic to your online or physical store; Mobile Journeys will help boost conversion and success.

Make use of your existing customer data to create the Mobile Journeys with pre-filled information and personal preferences for each of the recipients for maximised results.

An illustration of a smartphone with a simple form of name, phone number and requirement

Data Collection

Collecting data with Mobile Journeys instead of paper forms will provide your customers the greater convenience of a full mobile customer journeys.

Mobile Journeys provide custom built, fully branded and intelligent forms that can automatically pull customer data to relevant fields when required to provide a more personalised experience and boost completion rate.

Reduce running cost by automating data feed into your in-house system. Use customisable reports to provide summaries of collected data to relevant department and staff.

Use Mobile Journeys to collect customer details, capture data, complete applications and contracts, and more.

An illustraion of a smartphone with a calendar

Arrange Appointments

Integrate your existing booking system with Mobile Journeys to allow customers to change appointment times and dates all by themselves. Free your valuable administrative staff for other tasks.

Send your customers a fully branded Mobile Journey to provide them the options for available appointments. When the customers select a new date and time, the information can then be passed back to your system to update the record instantly.

You can also choose to send an SMS confirmation to your customer to confirm the new appointment, all done automatically.

So what are the benefits?

Illustraion of a mobile phone with a tick

for mobile

Deliver a mobile-first user experience that’s friction free.

Illustration of a line chart that's going upwards

conversion rates

Remove the distractions of regular web pages, provide a targeted journey that encourages conversions.

Illustraion of a no symbol with a downward arrow in it

No downloads
or installations

Mobile Journeys can be used via any web browser. No download or installation required.

Illustration of a page with a bar chart on top and two paragraph and two tick

Use existing
customer data

Use your existing customer data to pre-fill information for personalised communication.

Illustration of a square paper and a pencil


Each journey is tailored and built for your specific business needs.

Illustraion of a palm holding a gear

managed service

Your journey will be designed, developed and deployed by our Professional Services team.

Illustration of a line chart going up and down

Rich multi-level

Delve deeper than conversion rates with our report. Identify drop off points for improvements.

Illustration of a tent with 3 people in it

Added customer

Give customers the convenience of engaging with your business anytime, anywhere that suits them best.

Need to collect documents from your customers?

During many business processes there’s the need to receive documentations from your customers, be it proof of identity, a copy of the financial statement, a photograph to support an insurance claim, or a proof of address. Often this could be the blocker for the customer to complete the process, but with Mobile Journeys this can be expedite much more quickly.

Within the Mobile Journey, you can ask customer to upload the required document – either by choosing an existing file/document, or capturing a new image right there. Once they have done this, the file will be sent to a secure location where you’ll be able to access the file.

Illustration a lock infront of a manila folder that has a paper with a tick on it

What are the features of Mobile Journeys?

Illustration of a shield with a tick on it

compliant payments

All credit card information will be processed, stored and transmuted securely.

Illustration of a colour plate

Use your
corporate branding

Customise with your brand colours, logos and fonts to maintain corporate identity.

Illustration of a bar code

Barcode /
QR code support

Provide discount codes and vouchers which can be scanned at the checkout.

Illustration of a filmstrip with the play icon on top and a gear in front of it

Video /

Use video to provide more engaging content or for clearer instrucitons.

Illustration of a lock in front of a manila folder

file upload

Allow customers to upload photos and other digital files to a secure location.

Illustration of a map with a location pin

Google Maps

Integrate maps to direct customers to your physical stores or any desired locations.

Illustration of a calendar


Link Mobile Journeys with your in-house booking system to allow automated appointment scheduling.

Illustration a circle, a square and a triangle linked with a line in a circle

Employ in a
multichannel strategy

Combine with other Esendex channels for an intelligent communication strategy.

Still sending paper letters to your customers?

While many businesses are still sending paper based document via post for its formality, recent research revealed that 72% of consumers have encountered problems when completing a transaction due to paper based processes.

The secure document download feature enables businesses to deliver documents by sending the recipient a Mobile Journey where they will be directed to download a personalised PDF document securely. Thus providing the same formality and confidentiality as paper based communications, but in a much faster and cost-effective way.

Illustraion of a mobile phone with a paper clip on the screen

“Using Mobile Journeys has created a quick and easy way for our customers to pay off their outstanding debts whilst on the go, and the uplift in payments is proving how popular and successful this platform is.”

Richard Dixon – Capability and Delivery Manager – npower

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