SMS Marketing for Easter: How to get your customers egg-cited over this Easter?

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Easter is nearly upon us. If you’re planning a special SMS campaign to commemorate this seasonal holiday, look no further than this article.

What to consider when planning your Easter SMS campaign?

Before you send your Easter texts, it’s important to factor in the following key elements:

Identify your audience

Who will your SMS messages be aimed at? What are the interests and preferences of your target audience? You will need to identify which customers will be interested in celebrating Easter and which are most likely to engage.

Once you have decided which subscribers you want to reach, SMS segmentation will help you to target them more efficiently.

Make texts clear, concise and to the point

Text messages are limited to 160 characters so you need to make each one count. People also usually scan the first line of a text to decide whether it’s worth a closer look. So make your opener irresistible!

Focus on the most important parts of your message such as the discount code and the call to action. Use attention-grabbing words such as ‘act now,’ ‘limited offer’ etc. Use abbreviations, acronyms, and emojis to get your point across quickly.


SMS allows brands to personalise the content they share with subscribers. This helps to grow the relationship between the customer and the brand. For example, a good platform should be able to harvest data (with the user’s consent) such as their name, date of birth, demographic group, favourite products, etc.

Customise your text messages by addressing your customer by name or alerting them to favourite products or product drops in their area etc. Personalisation of this kind makes your subscribers feel valued and recognised.

Test your texts

This is a part of the process that’s often overlooked, especially when businesses have a campaign deadline. Ensure that you test and refine your SMS messages before the final send.

By testing and refining your content, you can ensure better conversion rates.

Make it two-way

Interacting with your subscribers is a great way to get to know them better. Use two-way SMS by setting up keywords for automatic responses. Ask questions that will help you to profile your customers more accurately but will also show that you have an interest in them too.

Any responses containing useful information such as favourite products, whether your subscribers have children or pets, if they work from home etc. can be stored on your database to allow you to target your customers more specifically in future campaigns.

Get started with your Easter SMS campaign

If you would like to create your own Easter SMS campaign but don’t know where to start, get in touch with our friendly team for advice and support. We can have you up and running in no time.

SMS messaging offers so much and we know that once you start, you will see results right away. Why not start a free trial with Esendex today?

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Prachi Bametha

Marketing Coordinator, Esendex Australia