Happy 10th Birthday Esendex

Adam and me back in 2003 ready to conquer the world

Adam and me back in 2003 ready to conquer the world

On Sunday, Esendex reached 10 years old – if you base it on the incorporation records for the original business.

Like many startup companies the initial years were exceptionally tight and there are many tales from those former years, some of which will be revealed at our 10th birthday party in June.

Esendex has covered a lot of ground since its beginnings in Adam’s attic where we had a few mobiles ziplocked to a PC. Our first work involved sending out triathlon results by SMS (something that’s now become a standard thanks to our clever idea) but other initial work included an “order your bagel by SMS” – this hasn’t caught on!

During the first year there were a few months when we didn’t raise a single invoice. Now we have more than 11,000 customers globally, employ 45 people and have offices in the UK, Australia, Spain and the U.S. We have direct connections to mobile networks globally. And we’re still working with many of our first customers

We’ve seen a similar rate of change in the SMS market. When we initially started, the biggest objection we faced was that “SMS was surely just for kids”. Now SMS is probably the most ubiquitous global communication channel. And whilst the crazy-frog may not have done much for the whole industry, today business SMS has finally come of age: a recent study by Jupiter proposes that Application to Person (A2P) SMS revenues of $70.1 billion will surpass peer to peer traffic by 2016.

Esendex has never been in a stronger position: profitable operations in five countries, traction in the US market, having only launched last year and a array of new projects. It’s not easy to predict how Esendex will look on our 21st birthday but if we evolve only half as much as we have in the last decade, we have an exciting future.