Customer spotlight: Calvary Community Care

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calvary_logoFormerly known as Calvary Silver Circle, Calvary Community Care is a not-for-profit organisation, helping those in need to continue living independently. Some people they offer assistance to include the elderly, people with disabilities, carers and families of special needs children.Calvary provides a particularly rare, effective and important service. Their work aims at empowering people to continue living independently. The services provided are diverse, and catered to suit specific needs. Some of the services include providing transport to appointments, home maintenance and social support and companionship. They also offer domestic assistance, including doing laundry and cleaning. In special circumstances, they can also provide live-in 24 hour care. Since 2008 we’ve been helping them achieve their goals.It’s not easy organising everyone in the organisation and making sure everyone is where they need to be. However, it’s become a lot simpler since they started using our service. Using SMS, Calvary Community Care has been able to effectively communicate all the necessary information to direct help where it’s needed. Their main communication platform is our Echo for Email service, which is used to advise remote workers of things like roster changes. This is the easiest and quickest way to keep everyone up-to-date and make sure there’s always sufficient personnel to provide a high level of care. The Echo for Email tool allows them to send text messages through their email provider, which allows them to easily keep track of all the messages they send. It’s also a simple and familiar process to all staff members, as it’s just like emailing. One communications representative of Calvary Community Care says, “once we have the ‘mobile’ email addresses in the address book, the product is so simple to use and requires virtually no training for our office staff.” The transparency of message sending through Echo is a particularly prominent benefit. The delivery reports feature allows them to confirm when messages have been delivered and keep track of their communications. That way, if the message isn’t delivered, it can be easily and swiftly corrected. Being able to identify message delivery or failure is extremely important when messages are being used for rostering, because if the message isn’t delivered, and management doesn’t know, then a carer may not be aware they are responsible to be somewhere. This means there might be someone out there going without essential help.It’s also useful for them because multiple staff members can use the same account in order to send the SMS they need, so everything is conveniently in the same place. This allows communication to be extremely well organised too.   If you’re looking for a simple solution to make sure everyone in your organisation is in the loop, give us a call today on 1300 764 946 or take a free trial today.  

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