Improve engagement by using Mobile Journeys.

Interacting with web content on a mobile is often challenging: the form fields aren't big enough, it takes too long to complete an action, and it's easy for customers to lose their way. Triggered by a link within an email or SMS, Esendex's Mobile Journeys remove distractions and difficulties, and make it easy to complete a specific goal or task.

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Better responses, 24/7

Your Journey can be integrated with Esendex's SMS or Email services, allowing your customers to choose how they interact with you, which in turn leads to a better response rate.


Multi-device enabled 

Each Journey is designed for easy completion on a mobile. They work just as well on a tablet or desktop, so your customer enjoys the same great user experience on any device.


Peace of mind

We recognise the importance of compliance, and security which is why Esendex is ISO 27001 accredited. Your customers can provide personal data completely securely.


Rich multi-level analytics

Measure the success of your campaigns, but on top of that, you can delve deeper into the results. Each and every key touch point through the journey can be measured, meaning you'll have insight into where the non-completers dropped off.

Fully managed service

Mobile journeys is a fully managed service, we can pass on the benefit of our experience and the hundreds of hours we have spent developing it to our customers. You simply need to tell us what you want, and we'll do the rest.

Choice of integrations

Our mobile journeys can operate independently or they can seamlessly integrate with other Esendex products - email, SMS, SMS Surveys and more.


Competitive pricing 

Our mobile journeys are efficient and affordable. A low initial setup cost and a manageable monthly fee and no hidden costs.

Personalised experience

By providing a focused and targeted path suited to your business needs, you can guide your customer from start to finish with zero distractions.

Example use cases

Financial Services

Income & expenditure
loan applications, claims


Localised promotions, customer feedback surveys, product customisation tools


New patient registration,
appointment setting

Public sector

Applications, questionnaires,
registration of services

Call centres

Triage outbound calls based on
responses, form filling, follow-up surveys

Human Resources

New employee registration, staff
feedback surveys, staff rostering