How to guides


  • How to send emergency SMS

    Using our web platform Echo, you can upload contacts and send thousands of SMS in a matter of minutes.

  • How to send PDF with an SMS

    Using Messaging Studio, you can attach a PDF file to your SMS to send long form messages like revised policies and regulations.

  • How to use SMS Landing Pages for sending critical communication


It is no doubt that we are all in uncharted territory here. We understand it is vital for businesses and organisation to have an uninterrupted service to enable them to act quickly as the COVID-19 situation evolves locally and globally. At Esendex we have years of experience in helping different businesses and organisations communicate througout many emergency and crisis situations; and we'd like to reassure you that our system is robust, our team is well prepared and there will be no impact to our services. We are committed to helping all businesses and organisations to communicate effectively and efficiently in this unprecedented time.

If you have any communications needs, or would like to see any content on this page, please get in touch at or 1300 764 946.

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