SMS to Voice messaging

Convert your SMS messages to audio calls

Features of Voice messaging

Contact mobiles and landlines with Voice messaging

Submit your text message to landlines and mobile numbers through our online platform. It will then be read out to your recipients as an audio message.

Automatically resends message until answered

You can specify a number retries to ensure the message is successfully delivered, should they fail to answer the call. Retries ensure a greater chance that your message will be received.

Multiple languages

Voice messaging is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, German and French. If you wish to communicate in any other languages, simply contact us and we will attempt to make this possible.

Message scheduling

Schedule your audio messages to be read out at the most convenient time for your recipient and the most effective time for your message. It also allows for messages to be sent outside of business hours.

“Acknowledged” message status

Our system allows for recipients to actively acknowledge a message by pressing a specific number at the end of a call. This is perfect for emergency contact when the delivery of a message is imperative. It also allows for fallbacks in the event of a message not being received.

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