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How can you send SMS from your computer?

Simply log in to our online platform and you’ll be able to send SMS online in no time. With the Esendex web SMS portal, you can send and receive text messages using the web browser from any device that is connected to the internet. There is no need to download or install any software.

Our user-friendly platform is packed with features like uploading contacts in bulk, setting up personalised templates with dynamic fields, creating contact groups and scheduling messages .

Need to capture your staff & customers attention during the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic?

With a 94% open rate and 90% of messages being read in 3 minutes, SMS can help get your messages across swiftly.

With new policies and regulations being introduced everyday during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and organisations turn to SMS to communicate the rapid changes and to ensure everyone is well-informed.

How can your business use SMS?

The Esendex SMS Portal in action

Appointment reminders

SMS appointment reminders are a low-touch and low-cost solution for businesses and organisations to effectively reduce the number of missed appointments.

Doctors appointments, court attendance, bank meetings and restaurant booking confirmations can all be delivered by text, a channel that’s proven to reduce missed appointments. In some cases by as much as 50% (Health Services Research).

By adopting SMS appointment reminders, you can also reduce the cost and time associated with paper and phone based reminders.

Emergency alerts

With a 94% open rate, SMS is one of the most effective and efficient tools to deliver important and time sensitive messages. Whether for notifications of system failure, fault alerts, staff safety checks in an emergency or crisis, providing updates or assigning ownernship of issues, you can be confident that your messages will get read.

Our connections to major networks and ISO 27001 accreditation also mean that your messages will get delivered swiftly and your data will be processed with the highest standard of data security protocol.

Staff rostering

SMS is a great tool to communicate with staff, especially when organising their rosters. Whether you’d like to let your staff know about their planned shifts, trying to find out their overtime availability, or looking to fill an open shift with short notice, you can rely on SMS to deliver the message instantly.

This is especially useful when filling open shifts: instead of spending hours on the phone calling staff one by one, you can send a bulk SMS to all staff members in the matter of minutes.

Delivery notifications

53% of consumers now expect the estimated delivery time of their purchase to be accurate and available within 3 hours of their order (Ipsos research). With a higher response rate than push notifications and email (source: Optimove), SMS is the best way to keep your customers informed about the status of their orders. To save time, you can even integrate your e-commerce platform with our SMS API or via the Esendex Zapier integration to automate this process.

Not only will this improve the customer’s experience, it will also help ensure that customers are home when the delivery arrives if required to improve efficiency and minimise the costs of missed deliveries.

Marketing & promotions

51% of Australians indicated that they are happy to receive offers on their mobile phones from their preferred brands (AIMIA mobile phone lifestyle index). SMS is the most direct channel to deliver marketing messages to consumers’ mobile phones, without needing to worry what phones or operating systems they are using, or if they have downloaded your App.

With our online SMS platform you can schedule personalised text messages to be sent at times that would maximise your marketing campaigns. If you’d like to offer a richer customer experience, consider SMS Landing Pages.

What are the features of the Esendex SMS Portal?

Here are the features that will help your business have more engaging conversations with your customers.

Sender ID

Use your brand name as your SMS Sender ID to boost brand recognition


Create message templates with dynamic fields for quick, personalised and consistent communications.


Plan and set up reminders, promotions and notifications in advance and send at a time that suits your needs best.

SMS online

By using an Virtual Mobile Number (VMN), you’re able to open the door to two way communication.


Upload contact lists from various file formats, create groups of contacts, or import contacts from other CRM.


SMS can be converted to voice messages and delivered to landlines, with re-attempt options to ensure messages are delivered.


See delivery status instantly. Investigate down to recipient level to gain insight on individual engagement.

Customer stories

Here are some of the best ways our customers are currently using Esendex SMS


An online SMS platform coupled with an Virtual Mobile Number turns out to be an ideal solution for a school who needs to keep track of students who are going on work placement.

Here’s how Macathur Girls High School uses the Esendex SMS online platform to save both time and cost, while still successfully managing their students on work placements.


With a 94% open rate compared to 32.4% for email (Source), SMS is one of the most effective communication channels to deliver your messages to customers. From sending marketing promotions and offers, order status updates to delivery confirmations, SMS is a cost-effective way to ensure that your customers are happier and better informed.

Here’s how Bicycle Superstore successfully uses SMS to communicate with existing customers, which in turn drives in-store traffic and sales.


Not For Profit organisations often struggle with funding and resources and are always looking for the most efficient way to maximise their work. SMS is perfect to help them reach both their donors and volunteers quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how Guide Dogs Victoria uses our SMS service to create more targeted campaigns to keep their current donors active as well as nurturing new donors.

Healthcare/Aged care

As staffing shortages continue to loom over the health and aged care sector, many providers find SMS provides the much needed help in relieving their staff from administrative work. From sending appointment reminders, contacting patients to get test results, to finding staff to cover shifts, SMS has helped streamline their processes.

Here’s how Bupa Care Services Australia uses the Esendex SMS Platform to organise their staff rostering, particularly in helping to fill open shifts more efficiently, as well as keeping their staff motivated.

Financial services

Financial service providers have traditionally relied on direct mail for customer communications. Some have changed over to email but are not getting the engagement they want. SMS is a proven way to ensure customers receive their payment reminders, account updates, policy renewal, promotional messages and much more.

Here’s how the Trade Pack department of ACT Insurance uses SMS to achieve a 14% increase in their customer retention.

“Esendex’s service is so simple and easy to use. Our membership has increased as well as the uptake of general gym services.”


Frequently Asked Questions?

How long does it take
for my message to be sent?

Almost instantly. We often outperform our SLA on 90% and 95% of SMS being processed within 5s & 20s respectively.

How many characters
can I use in a message?

160 characters for 1 message – or up to 612 by splitting the message into 4 parts.

How is my
data secured?

We’re ISO 27001 accredited which means all processes are aligned with the highest data security standard.

Can I have multiple
users on a single account?

Yes, you can have as many users as you like, and each can have their own username and password.

How can I see if my
messages have been delivered?

Real-time notification statuses are available making it easier to keep track of your messages.

How many messages
can I send?

As many messages as you need. No matter how big or small your business is, our platform can handle it.

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