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What is Email to SMS?

Email to SMS is a service that converts emails into SMS messages. It’s a simple one step configuration process and works with all existing email clients like Gmail, Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook etc. Once activated, you’ll be able to send SMS messages directly from your email inbox.

How to send SMS using email?

To send SMS from email, all you have to do is add the recipient’s mobile number to the start of the designated email address (i.e., type the message to the body of the email, and hit send – it’s that simple!

Need to capture your staff & customers attention during the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic?

With a 94% open rate and 90% of messages being read in 3 minutes, SMS can help get your messages across swiftly.

With new policies and regulations being introduced everyday during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and organisations turn to SMS to communicate the rapid changes and to ensure everyone is well-informed.

What are the benefits of using an Email to SMS Gateway?

No developer
or training required

Integration is as simple as adding an email addresses in your account, and you’ll be able to send SMS via email!

Manage SMS from
your email inbox

Enjoy the benefits and convenience by combining two communications channels into one inbox.

message reliability

Our direct connections to major networks means messages will be sent using the best possible route.

Data security

Our ISO27001 accreditation means all customer data is handled with the highest data security standard.

Real-time reporting
to measure campaign

Engagement report down to recipient levels to gauge campaign success, so changes can be made instantly.

preferred channel

64% of customers prefer business interactions via SMS, compared to channels like voice calls and post.

Higher open

SMS has an open rate of 94% in Australia, compared to 32.4% of email (source).

10 times more

The average conversions rate of SMS is 32%, compared to the 3.26% of email (source).

How can businesses utilise the Email to SMS service?

Appointment reminders

SMS provides a more effective way for businesses to send out appointment reminders as the response time is so much faster than email. Whether it is a reminder for a healthcare appointment, a restaurant booking, a visit to the opticians or a car service reminder, SMS has proven to reduce the number of missed appointment, sometimes by as much as 50%. (Health Services Research).

SMS will also help to substantially reduce your communication costs and resources, when compared to traditional channels like phone calls or direct mail.

Emergency alerts

From fault alerts, system failure notifications, disaster forewarning to staff safety checks, SMS is a great way to keep your customers and staff informed in a timely manner. By utilising the email to SMS service, you have the benefit of sending the alerts out directly from your email inbox, without needing to jump on to another system.

With our direct connections to major networks and ISO 27001 accreditation, you can also be rest assured that your messages will get delivered swiftly; and your data will be processed with the highest standard of data security protocol.

Staff rostering

With a 90 seconds response time, SMS is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your staff regarding their rosters. From distributing planned rosters, finding out everyone’s overtime availability to filling open shifts with short notice, you can rely on SMS to deliver the messages swiftly; either it’s the message from you, or the responses your staff send.

Imagine filling in an open shift with using SMS instead of spending hours on the phone trying to call the staff one by one. With the convenience of our email to SMS service, you’d be able to achieve all these while still staying on your email inbox.

Delivery notifications

SMS enjoys a much higher response rate than push notifications and email, making it a much better channel to communicate time sensitive messages with customers. Delivery notifications, for instance, would be best delivered via SMS, especially with the increasing demand from customers to have the expected delivery time of their purchase within 3 hours of their order (Ipsos research).

This process can also be easily automated by integrating your e-commerce platform with our SMS API or via our Zapier integration to save your staff from these tasks.

Keeping your customers up to date with their orders could improve customer experience, at the same time helping you to streamline your delivery process by making swift changes if customers are not home to take receipt of a delivery.

Marketing & promotions

Today’s customers are demanding new methods to connect with brands; with 51% of Australians indicating that they are happy to receive offers on their mobile phones from their preferred brands (AIMIA), SMS has become a sought after tool to deliver marketing and promotional messages.

Not only does SMS has a much higher open and engagement rate than email, it also provides the ease of mind to marketers knowing that no matter what phones or operating systems the customers are using, they will get the message exactly the way they are intended to.

And for those who feel they are too attached to email because of its visual elements, take a look at our SMS Landing Pages to find out how it combines the best of both worlds.

What are the features of the Esendex Email to SMS Gateway

Connects with
any email service

The Esendex Email to SMS Gateway is extremely flexible and can be used with any email client.

Send to multiple

Send messages to as many contacts as you like, just like how you would do it when you were sending an email.

Receive SMS
through your inbox

Apply for a Virtual Mobile Number to receive SMS replies to your email inbox.


Handy function to remove signatures and disclaimers from your email when sending as SMS.

Integrate with
server alerting software

Receive SMS from any system that can send an email to receive critical status updates and more.

Sender ID

You can set up your brand name as the Sender ID so customers know who the message is from.

Define reply
delivery location

Receive replies through our online SMS platform or directly into your email inbox.

Add users
in a few clicks

Simply log in to our platform and add the email address you’d like to give access to, and they can start sending right away.

Customer stories

Here are some of the best ways our customers are currently using Esendex SMS


An online SMS platform coupled with an Virtual Mobile Number turns out to be an ideal solution for a school who needs to keep track of students who are going on work placement.

Here’s how Macathur Girls High School uses the Esendex SMS online platform to save both time and cost, while still successfully managing their students on work placements.


With a 94% open rate compared to 32.4% for email (Source), SMS is one of the most effective communication channels to deliver your messages to customers. From sending marketing promotions and offers, order status updates to delivery confirmations, SMS is a cost-effective way to ensure that your customers are happier and better informed.

Here’s how Bicycle Superstore successfully uses SMS to communicate with existing customers, which in turn drives in-store traffic and sales.


Not For Profit organisations often struggle with funding and resources and are always looking for the most efficient way to maximise their work. SMS is perfect to help them reach both their donors and volunteers quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how Guide Dogs Victoria uses our SMS service to create more targeted campaigns to keep their current donors active as well as nurturing new donors.

Healthcare/Aged care

As staffing shortages continue to loom over the health and aged care sector, many providers find SMS provides the much needed help in relieving their staff from administrative work. From sending appointment reminders, contacting patients to get test results, to finding staff to cover shifts, SMS has helped streamline their processes.

Here’s how Bupa Care Services Australia uses the Esendex SMS Platform to organise their staff rostering, particularly in helping to fill open shifts more efficiently, as well as keeping their staff motivated.

Financial services

Financial service providers have traditionally relied on direct mail for customer communications. Some have changed over to email but are not getting the engagement they want. SMS is a proven way to ensure customers receive their payment reminders, account updates, policy renewal, promotional messages and much more.

Here’s how the Trade Pack department of ACT Insurance uses SMS to achieve a 14% increase in their customer retention.

“We use the email to SMS service across the organisation. It is simple to use and requires virtually no training for our staff.”


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