RCS next-gen messaging

What if SMS was replaced with something as interactive and feature-rich as an app?

“We have taken our first step towards revolutionising the telecoms landscape. August 2017 saw Esendex accepted on to Google’s RCS Early Access Program, as one of just a select few companies worldwide.”


What can RCS messaging do for your business?

Features and benefits of Rich Communication Services

Reduced cost
of customer service

RCS supports chatbots, so you can automate responses to frequently asked questions.

Retain more

With tailored messages that make your brand easy to engage with.

Less spam;
greater trust

Featuring verified user and branding ID credentials, it’s hoped RCS will vastly reduce spam.

that drive change

Track read receipts and clicks to assess the success of your campaigns.

Deliver best-in-class
user experience

Your customers have high expectations of you, which RCS helps deliver.


Include barcodes, maps, videos and images to boost engagement.

SMS landing page

If RCS is not available on the recipient’s handset, they’ll receive a link to a landing page.

No downloads
or installation required

Over time, RCS will replace SMS as the standard messaging app on Android devices.

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