RCS Next-Gen Messaging

RCS or Rich Communication Services is the future of mobile-led communication in Australia. Super-charge customer engagement, increase conversions, and improve retention and loyalty.

Introducing RCS

Esendex is ready for RCS messaging when Australia’s networks are. We are already delivering feature-rich communications to our international clients. SMS has lots going for it: wide reach, high open rates and responses, low cost, easy to use – and it plays nicely with other systems via an SMS API.

But, driven by the lack of group messaging and media sharing, personal communication has been moving to apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Similarly, some businesses have attempted to drive their customers towards using custom-built apps, for more personalised content, improved analytics and an immersive brand experience.

Enter RCS. The intention with RCS is that it will be the default messaging app on all Android devices, effectively replacing SMS. As a business using RCS, you’ll be able to send your customers and staff rich content including a calendar function, so they can view and change appointments; a carousel of new products with the ability to customise colour and size, and purchase; a reminder of late payments and the ability to make a full or partial payment – all without leaving the app.

Verified sender

Send RCS messages from your company using up to 11 alpha-numeric characters. Use company logos, colours and fonts to  create a welcoming and familiar messaging environment.

Rich content

Send images and rich cards for a more engaging experience. Encourage action and replies via simple buttons, to improve the user journey and create a more targeted interaction.

Campaign tracking

Gain full visibility over campaign delivery status using real-time delivery and read receipts. Track campaigns, make adjustments and optimise ‘as you go’ to improve ROI.

Multichannel integration

Combine with other Esendex channels for an integrated communication strategy that ensures customers have a frictionless experience regardless of the  channel they’re on.

Key benefits of RCS Messaging

Lower customer service costs

RCS messaging allows businesses to reduce pressure on in-house resources and lower customer service costs by providing more convenient tools for customers to access, including chatbots for common customer queries. This provides customers with a more engaging, personalised journey that  addresses their specific needs.

Enrich communication

Embed images, videos, and rich cards into messages. Better yet, use RCS Messaging for two-way customer conversation to support service interactions, payments and receipts, policy renewals, bookings/appointment reminders, FAQs and for a multitude of other customer touchpoints.

Access actionable engagement data

Access status-based read receipts for improved tracking. Real-time analytics provide you with insight about how customers are interacting with your messages and which communications are working best, helping you to improve  conversion rates, including ‘delivery’ and ‘seen’ reports.

Tap into expert professional services and support

Our Professional Services team supports our customers with everything from simple one-way RCS messages to more complex workflows and solutions.

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