Flexible, reliable and secure SMS gateway platform that enables developers to build SMS into any websites, apps and software of their choice.


Features of our SMS Gateway API

A simple & lightweight API. Everything you need to SMS enable your business.

Integrated SMS messaging with all apps, websites and software

Send SMS automatically

Integrating our API allows your business to send SMS automatically from your website, applications or software - fast and secure.

Integration is simple and reliable

Our in-house team developed our API to be intuitive and easy to use, with a wealth of features. It’s built by developers for developers. You can find more information, including SDKs, sample code and documentation on our developer siteOur SMS API is regularly and thoroughly tested to ensure it is robust and reliable. 

Sending SMS messages is easy
SMS messages with a 'from address'

Sender IDs and from address

You can set a Sender ID, or a from address, that will show your brand or company name instead of a number. It can be any combination of alphanumeric characters with a maximum of 11 characters long. 

Keep track of your messages statuses

Our API includes the functionalilty to track the delivery status of your messages and send automatic updates to your apps in real time.

Tracking SMS messages with a Push Notification service

SMS API's Frequently Asked Questions.

How is my data secured?


We have many high profile businesses using our service and as such we take our customers’ data and information security very seriously.

We are ISO27001 accredited - a globally recognised information security standard for establishing, operating and improving Information Security Management. We maintain this standard globally within our organisation. This ensures that our customers can have peace of mind that their data is secure.

How long does it take for my message to be sent?


Our messaging system is monitored both internally and externally. It’s measured against the different networks’ availability, performance, service incidents and planned maintenance to ensure a consistent and fast message delivery. As soon as your system sends the message to us, we'll get it out almost instantly.

On top of this, our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure our commitment to 90% of messages being processed with 5 seconds and 95% of messages being processed within 20 seconds. We consistantly exceed these SLAs significantly.

What support is available?


During office hours we have a dedicated team of technical support experts on hand for any queries you may have. This is completely free of charge.

We also have a premium 24/7 support line for those that require that extra line of support.