Bulk SMS Streamlining Customers’ Journey to Health

About Gr8 Health

Gr8 Health is a leader in complementary medicine and a natural health product specialist with a passion for supporting wellness through its carefully curated online range of safe, natural and ethical products. They offer the latest in diet, lifestyle, beauty & natural medicines for improved health.

“Since deployment in 2017, we’ve already seen our response rate triple for SMS marketing when compared to email marketing. This has led to an uptick in conversion rates of between 3 – 4.5 %, which is absolutely huge for our business.”

Sam Godfrey, Director of Gr8 Health

Challenges & Key Obstacles

As a dedicated e-commerce brand, Gr8 Health faces the challenges of an overcrowded and depressed market. With an increase in product prices, the average order value has dropped and it’s become harder to upsell and cross-sell, particularly during key peak promotional seasons.

The features that changed the game for Gr8 Health

SMS has changed how Gr8 Health markets to its customers and has driven more people to their website. The spike in the conversation rate after including Bulk SMS in their communication plan is a testament to that. 

The SMS platform from Esendex is simple to use and takes far less effort on their part. They can send more reminders and alert notifications, which helps them make their customers happy and improve sales.

Results & Improvements

During their Free Shipping event in June 2023, they sent out over 15k SMS messages, making this sales event the biggest weekend Gr8 Health had in years. It made their customers aware of promotions via SMS bulk messaging and the traffic on their website was 5 times higher.

SMS marketing is a hugely valuable strategic tool for Gr8 Health and a key driver of quality website traffic. It is easy for customers to opt out and Gr8 Health can share highly targeted communications that have a direct impact on conversions and sales. 

By including links to specific products, they generate a huge number of sales – so SMS is now a critical tool for their business. SMS also supports their drive for engagement and customer retention. SMS allows them to make the entire customer journey more seamless and efficient and their customers appreciate the open nature of the communication. 

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