SMS for Aged & Health Care

SMS has been proven as a valuable communication tool to aid Health and Aged Care providers. 98% of SMS messages are read, compared to 22% of emails. So SMS is the ideal tool for critical communication.


Uses of SMS in Health

Rostering & shift filling

Your staff are too highly trained to waste time on organising the roster. This can easily be automated with SMS. That way, your facility will always have enough staff to provide the highest quality of care.

Appointment reminders

Sending SMS appointment reminders will mean fewer missed appointments, which means less wasted money in valuable staff time.

Patient check-up

Send an SMS to your patients to check in on how they are going after care, and make sure they're on the best track to full health.

Dosage & vaccination reminders

Send dosage reminders to help your patients care for themselves. This will ensure they stay at the highest possible level of health and will make caring for them easier.

Accrediation surveys

You can use SMS to send feedback surveys to outpatients and families. This will give you reviews that you can use for marketing purposes, or insight into how to improve your care. 

Motivational messages

Sending a motivational SMS to your staff every now and then will encourage them to continue their work as passionately as possible. It's the quickest, simplest and most economical way to motivate staff.



SMS in Healthcare
White Paper

Harness the power of SMS for direct
communication with staff and patients. SMS
offers an easy solution to rostering issues and
effective reminders for patients.

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Send SMS online

Using our powerful online SMS platform you can quickly and easily reach thousands of handsets within minutes of hitting send.

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Send SMS through our API

Integrate our API to SMS enable your current applications. We have a Dedicated Developer site that hosts everything you'll need.

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Send SMS via Email

Echo for Email is our email to SMS service. With a one time configuration, you can send and receive SMS via your email account.

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