Customised SMS

The Esendex Studio and Echo platforms allow for the personalisation of messages via merge tags. This functionality provides the ability to send bulk messages with specific dynamic alterations by importing personalised information relevant to each contact. When crafting the message, include a merge field (EG [[First name*]]), and the platform will import the relevant data for each contact. An example would be importing names, locations or individual hyperlinks. Our client recently used our customised functionality to deliver a bulk message with unique hyperlinks to individualised timesheets and shift availabilities. Speak to one of our communication experts to demo customised bulk messaging.

Photo of someone holding mobile in their hand with message bubbles notifying recipient that there is a shift available

With 32.47 million mobile connections in Australia and 85 million SMS messages sent daily, each sent text message should educate, entertain or elaborate on important information. Adding personalisation to mobile messages can engage the end-user allowing for a cut-through in a sea of marketing messages. The extra effort of including a name, a contact detail, or a relevant topic for the reader could make all the difference and increase the likelihood of a clicked CTA (call to action).

How can Esendex help your business?


Send and receive SMS from desktop

You can send and receive SMS using any PC or Mac connected to the internet. Easily send bulk, customised and single text messages using Esendex software or speak to one of our consultants about connecting SMS to your existing communication system.


Esendex integration

If your business has a pre-existing communication dashboard or CRM, it makes sense to add SMS rather than attempting to introduce more software into your organisation. Esendex has an API and can also be added to many comms systems via a Zapier.


SMS plugins

The Esendex system works with an extensive array of third-party software providers. We offer dedicated plugins for Zendesk, Goldmine and Outlook. With Zapier we can integrate with 1000s of systems, including Magento, Salesforce and SQL.


Webpages built for mobile

Our SMS landing pages are designed for mobile optimisation. Create your own template or use a pre-existing Esendex template tried and tested to lead end-users to a CTA (Call to action) of your choosing. Find out just how easy it is to build by clicking the below link.


SMS surveys

Esendex’s survey builder is an easy to use system that allows businesses to deliver dynamic surveys via SMS. The Esendex builder offers many features, such as a BQF (branched question format). BQF deploys different questions based on the end-users previous response; a choose your own adventure style of survey. Click below to read more.

SMS for business, by the numbers


Esendex is committed to processing 90% of messages within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.


Conversion rate of the average SMS campaign.


Of phone uses surveyed would like to receive promotional texts.

6-8 times higher

Illustration of person holding coin, with increasing graph line in background
In comparison to eDM, SMS engagement rates were 6-8 times higher when used for retail. (Retail Drive)

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