Automated text messages for business.

Esendex plugins and software are built for seamless communication automation. Put simply, a business can create a rule that if XYZ action occurs, an SMS is delivered automatically with no human interaction saying YXZ. To further explain, text automation refers to formulas that trigger tasks in the event of a specific action. For example, suppose a current customer has defaulted on their direct debit twice. In that case, a text message from the creditor may be sent to the customer via automation requesting a payment plan or lump sum. Other uses for automation could be a notification of an unread email, three months into a contract or nearly at the end of a contract. Almost any action can trigger a text response. Whether your requirements call for a bespoke solution or if an API or integration to your current CRM or platform is required – Esendex is ready to assist.

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Webpages built specifically to be viewed by mobile

Esendex has been working in mobile messaging for twenty years, which has provided us with the experience and know-how to understand how best to communicate with end-users via mobile. Using this experience, we create mobile-optimised web pages. We design these pages to look good via a mobile device. Our templates and engineers work towards conversion optimisation, meaning your end goal is our primary goal.

Two-way SMS chat

Text message on behalf of your business online

Nobody wants to send 200 text messages on their phone. And if you do, who will reply when your staff member is on leave? A more professional and economical solution is SMS messaging online. Either send one-way messages via a branded ID number, or enable two-way chat and create teams to answer queries in our easy to use online platform, or integrate into your existing communication system.

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We already fit into many CRM and communication systems via API, plugin or Zapier.

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We only have direct network connections, it’s no 3rd party telco deals for our clients.

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