How SMS Sender IDs work


Features & benefits of an SMS Sender ID

SMS sender ID

Customer will instantly recognise who the message is from

A Sender ID will allow your company name to appear when they first receive the message. This helps with building your brand recognition.

Using a Sender ID reinforces trust

Not only does a Sender ID give brand recognition, but seeing a message branded instils a bit of extra trust. So instead of your customers receiving an SMS from a random number, which could be anyone, they will see it is from your brand. To a customer, this looks like you've invested in your messaging, and therefore is less likely to be a scam or spam.

Two way communication
Unique Virtual Mobile Number

Perfect for SMS marketing 

Using a Sender ID is great for sms marketing, as it is a one-way communication medium. If you are using one for marketing, however, you will be required to insert a Virtual Mobile Number into the message, to give recipiants an option to "opt-out".