What is an SMS Landing Page?

There's no denying that SMS is one of the most effective forms of communication, with an impressive open and response rate. However, there are restrictions, such as character limit and lack of visually appealing graphics. This is where SMS Landing Pages come in.

SMS Landing Pages allow you to send images, personalised content and call-to-action buttons that will enhance customer experience, boost engagement and improve conversions.

With our new rich message builder, Messaging Studio, you will be able to create and send SMS Landing Pages that are designd to put the user experience on a mobile first, rather than secondary to desktop.

SMS Landing Pages sample

What can SMS Landing Pages be used for?

Here are some of the ways your business can send richer, more visually appealing content to your customers.

A SMS Landing Page sample for a sale promotion for the retail industry

SMS Landing Pages combine a mobile-first web page with the ability to personalise content, enabling an exceptional mobile customer experience for retailers.

SMS Landing Pages enable retailers to increase sales conversion and stay ahead of the competition by delivering personalised offers and promotions directly to customers' mobile devices in a cost effective way.

Example applications include:

  • Deliver personalised offers and promotions
  • Receive payments by linking to secure payment portals
  • Sending digital receipts
  • Delivery updates and confirmations
A SMS Landing Pages demo for frausulent transaction alerts for the financial service industry

Replace paper-based communication with a personalised and mobile-first SMS Landing Page. Boost customer engagement, improve efficiency and reduce cost to serve.

Many standard customer communications like statements, alerts or appointment reminders can all be presented using SMS Landing Pages to provide a more visually appealing and interactive experience.

Example applications include:

  • Personalised statements
  • Fraudulent activity alerts
  • Links to secure payment portals
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Rich appointment reminders, with maps and branch pictures included
A SMS Landing Pages demo for appointment reminder for the healthcare industry

SMS Landing Pages provide a more cost effective and efficient alternative to postal mail when it comes to communication with patients. Not only are messages delivered instantly, healthcare providers can also track the delivery status of the messages, and take further action if required.

By utilising the call-to-actions buttons of SMS Landing Pages, providers can also prompt actions such as "Save to Calendar", "Call Us", "Reschedule" or "Go to Map", resulting in a more interactive patient journey.

Example applications include:

  • Appointment reminders with links to re-schedule
  • Maps to healthcare provider location
  • Links to appointment booking platforms
  • Deliver test results
  • Supply prescriptions
A SMS Landing Page demo for property listing for the real estate sector

By utilising SMS Landing Pages, real estate agencies are able to provide more detailed and image-rich information about properties and enable potential buyers to take actions such arranging viewings, saving dates to calendar or getting directions with interactive maps at a time that suits them best, without being restricted by the agents' office hours. Increase conversions and save your agents from repetitive administrative tasks.

Example applications include:

  • Arrange viewings and add them to mobile devices' calendars
  • Appointment confirmations including photos of agent and property
  • Get directions to the property with interactive maps
  • New / newly reduced property notifications
  • Links to legal requirements / rental application forms
A SMS Landing Page demo for submitting meter reading for the utilities sector

Utility providers can save on cost and improve efficiency by switching from a paper based communication strategy to a digital strategy utilising SMS Landing Pages.

With SMS Landing Pages, providers can send interactive messages that prompt customers to take action. Delivery status of messages can also be tracked, enabling providers to take further actions or to switch to another communication channel if required.

Example applications include:

  • Engineer appointment reminders
  • Smart meter roll outs
  • "Works in your area" alerts
  • Supplying bills / linking to payment portals
  • Marketing and promotions

Key features of SMS landing pages

Why and how landing pages will add value to your messages.

rich message contentRicher message

Include images, CTA buttons, company logo, fonts and colours for full company branding.

campaign trackingCampaign

Measure success by open rate, click-through rate and on-page engagement.

personalised contentPersonalised

Use dynamic fields for personalisation such as name and appointment details.

mobile first experienceMobile-first

Provides a friction-free process for mobile users and boost conversions.

robust apiRobust API

Trigger the send of a targeted SMS Landing Pages from your existing software or platform.

intuitive message studioIntuitive
Messaging Studio

Anyone can build SMS Landing Pages in our easy to use Messaging Studio in minutes.

pre designed templatesPre-designed

Professionally designed templates included for free to help you get started.

fail safeGet ahead
of the competition

Use SMS Landing Pages to test out different content types and be prepared for RCS.


Introducing Messaging Studio

Rich content messages don't always mean they require a highly skilled professional and hours to build. In fact, with our easy to use Messaging Studio, anyone can build highly engaging and visually attractive rich messages with just a few clicks.

Messaging Studio is truly the hub of all your rich messaging and SMS Landing Pages are just the start of what you can achieve. When RCS and WhatsApp become available, you will be able to reach your customers and send them rich messages via Messaging Studio, with SMS Landing Pages as the fallback.

As new channels come online they will be added to our Messaging Studio, allowing you to reach your customers via whatever channels they prefer, all in one place.

What are the benefits of SMS Landing Pages?

Here are some of the great ways that SMS Landing Pages will help you have more engaging conversation with your customers

personalised callsRicher content
for your customers

Send images, call to action buttons and personalised content for better engagement.

callflow feedbackReduce
communication spend

Money saved from a postal communication strategy can be spent in other areas.

data captureIncrease
customer engagement

Visually appealing and interactive content can grab customers' attention and encourage engagement.

integrated or stand aloneConsistent
brand identity

Use your company’s colours, logos, fonts and images to create a trusted environment for customer to interact.

call feedbackIncrease

Offer a more streamlined route to conversion by removing distractions from a traditional webpage.

round the clock supportMeasure
campaign success

Track campaign performance by open rate, CTR and on page engagement and make informed changes quickly.


Don't just take our word for it

How do SMS Landing Pages work for our customers?

Four Star Pizza saw a 30% increase in conversion rate using SMS Landing Pages

Four Star Pizza has a solid SMS strategy but wanted to try something different for their Black Friday promotion. After speaking with us, they decided to trial SMS Landing Pages. Find out how SMS Landing Pages helped increase their conversion rate.

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