SMS alerts are often used in emergencies, but can also be used for important notifications and general technical faults. In the case of an emergency, like a server crash, an text message alert can be automatically triggered to be sent to an on-call engineer. This engineer can then attend to the emergency as soon as possible to ensure minimal disruption.

Another use can simply be to inform you of a change in circumstance, for example if you are a customer and have changed a password, an SMS message can be triggered to inform you of such. In the case that you weren't the person that changed the password, you can quickly resolve the issue before any damage is done.


Why use SMS for Alerts?

There are numerous reasons for using SMS over other forms of communication:


SMS for Alerts

SMS are reliably and quickly delivered to handsets

SMS Read Fast

90% of text messages are read within three seconds

No Internet

Receiving text messages doesn't require internet access


How to use SMS for alerts

Firstly, it is important to identify the uses for alerts. Do you need to alert an engineer when a server crashes? Do you need to alert customers when there is a power cut? Do you need to students when there is bad weather and school is cancelled?

Once you have established the use case, you need to understand the trigger. If there is something automated that can trigger an event, then it would be a perfect case to integrate our SMS API with your current system. Then every time the alert is triggered and SMS can be sent to the appropriate stakeholders.

If, however, the alert requires a human to make the decision, SMS can still be used to alert all that need to know. By using our bulk SMS service, you can quickly, efficiently and effectively notify all concerned.


Why use Esendex?

For most emergency situations, reliability and speed is of utmost importance. At Esendex we have Service Level Agreement targets that we consistantly beat which uphold us to these attributes. We commit to 95% of messages being processed within 20 seconds, and 90% of messages being processed with 5 seconds.

We also hold and maintain an ISO27001 certificate, an independent data security accreditation, which means that your data is secure and safe. You can be confident that when you integrate with Esendex your data is not under any threat of leakage or loss.