Goldmine Software Integration guide

Send SMS using Goldmine software

Goldmine’s software is a CRM that gives its users the ability to build their customer relationships directly from the platform, using email. And now, with a little bit of configuration, you can send out SMS from Goldmine by using Esendex.

Integrating Goldmine and Esendex to send SMS

The way this integration is made possible is by using an email to SMS service. Esendex offer such a service and we’ll show you how to SMS enable your Goldmine account.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Goldmine account
  2. An Esendex account (free trial available if you don’t already have one)
  3. Echo for email setup within your Esendex account

Once you have the above, and if you already have a Goldmine account functioning, you’ll need to update your contacts with new email addresses. Every contact that you will potentially want to send an SMS to, add the SMS version of their email. With Esendex that will look something like this: [email protected]

Sending your Goldmine contacts instant SMS

To send your contacts an SMS you will simply need to follow the standard procedure for sending them an email. The only difference being that you need to select the secondary email address, the one formatted as above, to send them an SMS. 

It’s that simple. You can now send SMS messages to your Goldmine contacts directly from Goldmine.

Receive SMS replies through Goldmine

To receive SMS back to your Goldmine account you will need to have a Virtual Mobile Number on your Esendex account. This enables two-way communication. 

Once you have this, you need to set up your Esendex account to forward on the replies to the Goldmine email that you’d normally receive email to.

Further customisation for Echo for Email

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