Which payment option suits your business?

No matter which option you choose, you will only be paying for the SMS messages and the Virtual Mobile Number if you need to receive messages. There is no setup fees, nor any charges for the use of the platform. The cost per message varies and it works on a sliding scale. Contact us to find out more.


Pre-Pay tariff

Buy SMS bundles as and when you need them

The most flexible option

Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
When you run low, you can simply top-up online at any time

Start with a trial account

Pay Monthly tariff

Billing for the messages is at the end of the month

The most cost-effective option

The volume sent determines the cost per SMS
The more you send, the lower the cost per SMS becomes

Contact us for a quote
  • Direct network connections 
  • No poor quality routes used
  • Send SMS overseas
  • Free set up and support
  • Free Voice SMS feature
  • Free delivery receipts
  • Free Sender ID support
  • VMNs for receiving SMS
  • Free SDKs for APIs