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8 cents

per message

Our pricing is based on volume: the more messages you send, the lower cost per message. Take a free trial of our award-winning SMS service - no catches, no credit card, no contract and no commitment.


What's included?
local support

We're rated excellent for customer service. Phone, email and chat support is free and unlimited from our Melbourne office.

Easy integration
with your software

Sample code and full documentation for developers; or over 1,300 easy to use integrations available for non developers.

Easy to use
online platform

Intuitive web platform for contact upload, template creation & message scheduling - it's so easy, no training is required.

Real-time communication
with our API

We commit to 90% of your messages being processed within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.


Combine our SMS, Email, Mobile & Web products to build the perfect communication solution for your business.

Detailed reporting

Real-time reports available to analyse results, so you can take quick action where needed.


Access Messaging Studio



per month

Our Messaging Studio lets you design rich messages to send to your customers - either as a SMS landing page, or as an RCS message (what's RCS?). With ready to use templates and intuitive visual editor, anyone can design and deliver the perfect rich messaging experience to their customers easily.


What's included?
Rich message

Include images, personalised information, CTA buttons and full company branding.


Monitor the success of your campaign by open rate, click-through rate and on-page engagement.


Dynamic fields enable you to personalise content such as name and order details.


Provides a friction-free process for mobile users that will boost engagement and conversions.

Robust API

Integrate with your existing system to provide a rich and personalised mobile experience.

Simple to use
Messaging Studio

Anyone can build SMS Landing Pages in our easy to use Messaging Studio in minutes.


Why choose Esendex?

User friendly
Whether you use our intuitive online platform, or our lightweight and robust API, you'll be able to start sending messages really quickly.
Use with your software
Being able to send SMS straight from your normal, everyday software is efficient and easy, with over 1,300 ready to use integrations available.
Send messages securely
Esendex uses direct network connections, so your messages don't change hands before reaching customers - and we're ISO 27001 accredited.
Local, expert support
Our customers rate us 9/10 for our excellent customer service, from getting you started to getting the best results from your campaigns.

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