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What can the Esendex omnichannel chat tool be used for?

Customer Service
demonstration on how omnichannel chat works for customer service
Customer Service

With 65% of consumers with texting capabilities prefer texting over voice for customer service (source), offering this option could be a real advantage for businesses.

Not only does it appeal to the needs of consumers, it also helps businesses to provide a better customer experience. Instead of staying on the phone the entire time, customers can start and stop the conversation when it suits them. Your staff will also be able to handle multiple queries at once, rather than only being able to handle one conversation per phone line.

Chatbot integration is also available to answer frequently asked questions or guide customers through self-service so that businesses can provide customer service 24/7.

demonstration on how omnichannel chat works for marketing

Research indicates that retail sales from chatbot-based customer interaction are expected to double every year and reach $161 billion by 2023 (source). For retailers, there's definitely untapped potential in conversational commerce.

By using omnichannel chat, retailers can run their conversational marketing campaigns via SMS, WhatsApp and RCS to cover a much wider audience. The ability to send rich content like images, videos and SMS Landing Pages in a chat session can effectively engage customers and help boost conversions.

If you already have a chatbot, integrating that with omnichannel chat also means that you will be able to deploy your chatbot via SMS, WhatsApp and RCS rather than having it only on a single avenue.

demonstration on how omnichannel chat works for sending notifications

From appointment reminders, digital receipts to delivery notifications, omnichannel chat can ensure your messages get delivered and read, as 81% of Australian internet users use mobile message apps (source).

The advantage of sending these notifications via omnichannel chat is that customers can respond immediately to reschedule an appointment or rearrange a delivery, helping organisations to save time and cost while delivering a better service.

These notifications can be integrated to your existing system via API and be delivered automatically; together with chatbot integration, it can streamline your business processes even more.

Enriched chat experience with Messaging Studio

Nested in our rich message builder Messaging Studio, omnichannel chat enables you to send images, videos, PDF files as well as SMS Landing Pages throughout the chat sessions to provide a far more engaging customer experience.

All of these messages, whether they are text only, videos, images or SMS Landing Pages, can be built as templates within Messaging Studio and be used either for a bulk send or in a chat session.

When a dynamic (personalised) field is used, you will be prompted to fill those fields with the right information at the point of using the template, making it easier for your staff to respond using personalised information, while maintaining the same branding and tone of voice every time.

  • Features
  • Benefits
Seamless transition between channels
Customers can get in touch via SMS, WhatsApp or RCS and the entire conversation history will still be in one workspace.
Send more than just simple text
Images, videos, PDF files or SMS Landing Pages can be sent via a chat session.
Integrated rich message builder
Simple to use rich message editor to build richer, interactive messages.
Add properties to individual customers
Use custom properties to include important information to each customer.
Message template library
Build messages templates to maintain branding and tone of voice.
Chatbot integration
Use chatbots to deflect calls with automated responses or triage queries to suitable teams.
Recall archived conversations
Closed conversations can be quickly recalled if customer gets back in touch.
Handle multiple conversations simultaneously
Enable staff to handle multiple two-way conversations at the same time.
Reduce demands for phone lines
Customer can choose to start a chat conversations rather than waiting on hold over the phone.
Integrate chatbots to save cost
Using chatbots to answer frequently asked questions can save up to 30% in customer support costs.
Easy to use online platform
Intuitive and easy to learn platform requires minimal training.
Meet customers at their preferred channel
Enable customers to get in touch via the mobile messaging channel of their choice.
Improved customer convenience
Customers can carry on with other tasks while awaiting for a response.
Customer service access at any time/place
Customers can contact customer service any time they want. Chatbot integration enables business to provide customer service 24/7.

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