Intelligent workflows for Debt Collection Agencies

Debt Collection Agencies should not only be effective in recovering debts but innovative in their tactics and strategies. Increasing net return and reducing the volume of write-offs is absolutely essential to running a successful DCA. By implementing an intelligent communication workflow into your collection processes you can, and will, shorten the collection cycle and improve recovery rate. An added benefit of using these channels—SMS, email and Mobile journey—is that it helps to reduce the time wasted on outbound calls.

Leverage our extensive experience working with DCAs

We can deliver a low-touch, effective and affordable communications strategy.

Reach more customers

By automatically selecting the most successful communication method, and pulling out all undelivered messages, DCAs can connect with more customers, more efficiently.

Collect more debt

With Esendex, you can immediately scale up your debt collection business without needing to hire more staff, because we’ll reduce the burden on your existing agents by driving inbound calls from customers.

Agents focus on customers who’ve responded to SMS and email messages rather than making resource-hungry outbound calls to customers.

Why Esendex?

We have a wealth of experience in the debt collection sector, and can pass on that knowledge to you through our Professional Services team. They’ll work with you to create a low-touch, effective and affordable communications strategy.

We’re ISO 27001 accredited, which means all of your data is secure.

An illustration of the customer cycle in a debt collection process

“15.2% of our customers who engaged via the Esendex Voice solution and 39% of customers who engaged via the Esendex SMS solution made a payment or agreed on a payment plan.”


Do you only need SMS?

If you already have an intelligent workflow in place or prefer to manually manage your collection process, adding SMS into the fold  has numerous benefits. We offer both an online SMS platform and an SMS API. The online platform can be used in manual processes, whereby you simply upload a spreadsheet and send out your messages via SMS. With the SMS API you can integrate SMS into your current systems. Simply add a trigger to send out an SMS at any point in your process.

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Reminder notifications

Not everyone that misses a payment does so because they can’t pay. Often it is because they forgot about a due payment. Save the time and expense of using call centre staff chasing payments.

An illustration of a traditional landline phone

Increase successful collections

Send SMS as the first point of contact, this will increase engagement and leave agents to focus on customers who’ve responded. Thus, cutting down on resource-hungry outbound calls to customers.

An illustration of a form with a small up arrow

Data collection forms

Using our Mobile Journeys product you can send out an SMS with a link to a bespoke built mobile optimised form for your clients to fill out in their own time, with ease.

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Confirmation summaries

When an agreement has been made with the client, a confirmation summary can be sent to their mobile phone. This is great for instant confirmation upon ending a phone conversation and helps to address any concerns immediately.

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