Maximising Efficiency: Gardenstate Towing’s Journey with 2-way SMS Communication

Streamlining Operations and Customer Interactions via SMS


Decreased main line wait times, enabling direct customer-team interaction via SMS.

Significantly reduced response times for gathering insurance details, meeting the demand for faster communication.

Enhanced operational efficiency through streamlined customer responses via SMS, hence minimizing phone line interruptions.


To streamline communication by allowing quick information exchange and improve operational performance




Melbourne, Australia



Established in 1987, Gardenstate Towing is a trusted provider of towing services across Melbourne and Australia. In the unfortunate event of vehicle breakdowns or accidents, Gardenstate Towing stands ready to assist clients by picking up damaged vehicles and transporting them to designated panel beaters for repair. Throughout its years of operation, Gardenstate Towing has served a diverse clientele including private individuals, motor vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, fleet management companies, insurance companies, finance agencies, trade operators, and government agencies.

Using SMS has been a game-changer for us. It gives us a direct line of communication with our customers, which allows us to provide a modern and efficient service.

Fil Assini, General Manager, Storage | Gardenstate Towing

Challenge & Key Obstacles

Gardenstate Towing faces the challenge of efficiently retrieving customer details which includes insurance number and personal details in order to expedite the job turnover and close the service. Gardenstate Towing was looking for a superior alternative to email that has a higher response rate. 

Given the need for a prompt job turnover and revenue generation, Gardenstate Towing started working with Esendex in 2023. They use 2-way SMS which provides direct and immediate communication with customers and facilitates leveraging customers details in a streamlined and timely manner hence enhancing overall customer service. 

The ease of usage of the Esendex platform is highly appreciated compared to other channels like phone calls or emails. It just reduces the need for prolonged calls or email follow-ups, which saves both time and resources while getting responses quickly from customers. 

Esendex is a very easy to use platform and their exceptional customer support is seamless. Their SMS solutions have helped us elevate our customer experience.”

Fil Assini, General Manager, Storage | Gardenstate Towing

The features that changed the game
Real-time communication & faster response rate
Cost-effectiveness – reduced the need for lengthy phone calls & email follow-ups: saving both time and resources
Operational optimization and quick job turnover time
Results & Improvements
  • Using SMS has significantly streamlined Gardenstate’s customer interaction. They aimed for a more modern approach to handle inquiries, freeing up their main line to prevent delays for clients and contractors. This system allows their customers to communicate directly with their team, bypassing any wait times.
  • Since switching to SMS for gathering insurance details, their response times have drastically improved. The public prefers simple and efficient communication methods, crucial for their operations to run smoothly. Avoiding lengthy hold times benefits both callers and their business phone lines.
  • Operational efficiency has notably improved with SMS. Their customers can easily respond to their system via SMS, allowing their admin team to act swiftly without disrupting the main phone line or contacting customers at inconvenient times.

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