SMS helps improve efficiency in recruiting and managing FIFO workers

About Rapid Crews

Rapid Crews is an Australian-owned company that provides clients with workforce mobilisation software to help recruit and manage contractors and Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) workers in a much easier, faster and cost effective way.

What challenges did Rapid Crews face?

The nature of FIFO work requires recruiters to have the ability to reach potential employees fast. Often recruiters get a shutdown that requires immediate action where they need to contact potential FIFO workers instantly. As the industry standard, recruiters turn to SMS technologies to contact potential employees fast.

But in the reality things don’t usually go that smooth. Recruiters try to contact potential FIFO employees by phone to talk to them about a job or send an SMS regarding upcoming work. That means workers can end up with multiple phone and SMS messages about different shutdowns. They’re often bombarded with offers for immediate roles and have to reply to multiple companies one after the other.

With multiple mobile numbers against their details in the employer’s system, it’s easy for details to get lost in the confusion: which job have they applied for? Have they even accepted the right one?

And then there’s all the key details a recruitment company needs to keep on record for each FIFO worker, such as:

  • Medical checkup
  • License check
  • Compliance documents
  • Flight and travel information
  • Site induction forms
  • OH&S forms

With so much to juggle, the process can become labour intensive and inefficient at times.

“The Esendex API is exceedingly high quality, making the integration effortless.”


How did Esendex help?

Rapid Crews decided to integrate with the Esendex SMS system, which allows communication with individual FIFO employees via virtual mobile-number SMS software. Now recruiters can set up automated text messages for each different stage of the workflow, with reminders sent out automatically when processes aren’t completed. It also can send out URLs in SMSs to incomplete forms.

Significantly reducing the workload of the recruiters and speeding up the process, Esendex tightens up databases automatically where it’s implemented. Using API (application program interface) technology, its interface delivers solid employee information, fast.

And with all communications records stored within the software, it’s much easier to access or follow up on tasks, while contractors have all directions coming from a single mobile number, reducing possible confusion and loss of valuable time.

“The Esendex API is exceedingly high quality, making the integration effortless,” Russell Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Rapid Crews. “We have never encountered any technical problems, as we normally did with past providers. Our job is to help our customers mobilise workforces around Australia, so reliability and quality are particularly important to us – Esendex has delivered that from day one.”

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