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Our bulk SMS service is the fast, cost-effective, and reliable way to send business communications.

Introducing bulk SMS for businesses

Bulk text messaging via SMS is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers, employees and contacts. SMS marketing results in an average 98% open rate – almost three times higher than email. Response rates can be just 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes from traditional channels.

SMS vs Email 

Although it’s hard to put a figure on it, industry research suggests that more than 100 marketing emails can land in someone’s inbox on a daily basis. Businesses often see low open rates and engagement because the subject line or content isn’t interesting or relevant, or they don’t have the tools to send messages and optimise their campaigns.

Email is still a powerful communications tool. However, mass text messages can provide clear and hyper-targeted information to the right people at exactly the right time. You don’t have to compete for attention in cluttered inboxes, nor worry that timely messages will be missed because someone doesn’t have internet access or a smartphone. 

50% of all emails are spam – which means our inboxes are more cluttered than ever.

55% of people prefer SMS messaging for notifications like appointment reminders over email.
SMS message tends to be concise and engaging, so click-through rates are typically much higher.
Millennials receive an average of 67 text messages per day – which makes it easier to get your message across. 

How does a bulk SMS service work?

Bulk SMS works in a similar way to email marketing. You log onto your bulk SMS gateway, and segment your audience according to who you want to target. The gateway, a type of software, connects your business messaging application with the mobile network, enabling you to reach people on their smart or feature phone. 

Creating a short message is easier and quicker than writing a long email newsletter – and, as long as it’s clear, concise and engaging, it’s a powerful way to communicate. Bulk SMS software allows you to schedule messages to maximise responses, and automatically send out confirmation details and reminders when someone makes a booking on another platform. 

Why choose Esendex’s bulk SMS service?

Send Bulk SMS campaigns to your customers using any device connected to the internet. Benefit from these key features:
easy to use
Easy data import

Import data from different file formats to quickly and efficiently reach thousands of contacts in one go.

Managed services
Contact segmentation

Deliver the right message to the right people with custom groups. Use our platform to send bulk text messages to a large number of people simultaneously or to specific contacts in a group.

personalised message

Mass communication doesn’t need to feel like mass communication when you can use dynamic fields to include personal details like first and last names. 

Message scheduling

Schedule and send promotions, payment reminders, greetings, appointment reminders, and notifications ahead of time. Perfect for messages that need to be delivered outside of working hours.

Flexible and scalable

Send as many or as few messages as you want, depending on your business SMS requirements.

Fast and easy set up
Fast and reliable

Our SMS gateway allows coverage across all mobile networks. We commit to processing 90% of your messages within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.


Certified to ISO 27001 standards and fully compliant, we have strict enterprise level security controls in place to ensure your customers’ data is protected.

Dedicated support

Our dedicated technical support team is available to provide technical help and answer any questions, free of charge.

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Send mass texts in minutes

With our reliable and user-friendly SMS gateway send bulk text messages with just a few clicks. You can send mass texts to individuals or large groups, quickly and securely. Get started right away without the need for training or installing additional software, and send SMS messages from anywhere. 

bulk SMS


What is bulk SMS?

As the name suggests, bulk SMS is simply when a business or other organisation sends out text messages to mobile devices on a mass scale. Text messages are typically used in marketing, appointment or reservation reminders, and for security such as resetting passwords or providing a one-time password (OTP). You might also see bulk SMS referred to as bulk message, mass text messaging, mass SMS, or application-to-person (A2P) messaging. 

How does bulk text messaging work?

For bulk messaging, you can simply upload or import data from your database to your bulk SMS gateway, which will save you time and reduce the risk of errors compared to manual data entry. You can send the same message or personalised ones, to individual or multiple phone numbers. 

We connect to all mobile networks, and you can segment customers to send relevant and personalised bulk text messages no matter how big the group is. Using our SMS API, you can send text messages in bulk to mobile phones directly from our CRM system.

To find out how to send a bulk SMS, click here

How many messages can I send in one go? 

Bulk SMS enables you to send thousands of messages at once. Our system is built to manage large numbers of messages and send them out at speed. We aim to process 90% of your messages within five seconds and 95% within 20 seconds. 

We offer a message scheduling feature which allows you to select the date and time you want to send a message, so you target people at exactly the right moment and increase your chance of engagement.

We also offer a free trial so you can test our SMS gateway yourself.

Can SMS in bulk be automated?

Our automated SMS service simplifies sending messages. With our SMS gateway, sending messages like SMS reminders, appointment confirmations and marketing messages is effortless, requiring just a few clicks. We can also help you optimise your SMS for your customers.

How do I track the success of bulk SMS?

As with any email account, you can track open rates and subsequent actions like appointments attended, and uptake on a special offer or deal. If you are having any issues with your bulk messages, our technical support team is on hand to help or answer any questions.

How do you make sure your bulk SMS is legally compliant? 

As the bulk SMS sender, you are responsible for ensuring that communications adhere to data protection laws. 

Esendex is ISO27001 certified which means your customer data is safe and protected to the highest standard. We have taken steps to improve our processes including a data lifecycle audit and a ‘privacy by design’ principle in our products.

Our SMS platform has the latest standard features, firewalls, we use access controls, antivirus, secure equipment, encryption, regular backups, disaster recovery and our platform is monitored at all times. When sending a marketing SMS, make sure that you have permission from your customers and it’s important that you offer an opt-out option which is a requirement.

Find out more about SMS Laws and read our privacy policy

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“SMS marketing is a vital and effective part of our CRM and customer acquisition activities at RED Driving School. Esendex provides a simple, straightforward, and cost-effective solution for mass text campaigns.”



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