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Bulk SMS gateway for businesses

SMS has a 94% open rate (source); compare this to the 32.4% open rate of email, and we can understand why it is the preferred communication channel for many businesses.

SMS also out-performs email on the average response time (90 seconds vs 2.5 days) and conversion rate (32% vs 3.26%), making it perfect for communications that require timely responses or actions:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery notifications
  • Marketing & promotions
  • Emergencies & Alerts
  • Staff rostering
  • Customer feedback

With Esendex, you can send thousands of SMS online with our web platform, via your email account, or integrate with your system using our SMS API or the Esendex Zapier plugins to automate your mass SMS communications.

*(Source: Adobe | Remarkety | Oracle)

What are the features of the Esendex bulk SMS sender?

Here are the features that will make sending bulk text messages quicker and easier for you.

Sender ID

Use your brand name as your SMS Sender ID to boost brand recognition


Create message templates with dynamic fields for quick, personalised and consistent communications.


Plan and set up reminders, promotions and notifications in advance and send at a time that suits your needs best.

SMS online

By using an Virtual Mobile Number (VMN), you’re able to open the door to two way communication.


Upload contact lists from various file formats, create groups of contacts, or import contacts from other CRM.


SMS can be converted to voice messages and delivered to landlines, with re-attempt options to ensure messages are delivered.


See delivery status instantly. Investigate down to recipient level to gain insight on individual engagement.

Want to add images to your bulk SMS campaigns?

For any business looking to create more compelling, interactive and engaging customer interactions, Esendex can help.

Our latest product SMS Landing Pages aims to expand the horizon of your SMS campaigns by enabling you to send images, personalised content and call-to-action buttons that will enhance customer experience, boost engagement and improve conversions.

Why choose Esendex?

Join the trusted Australian leader in business communications.

ISO 27001
registered firm

A globally recognised information security standard exclusive to Esendex not found with alternative Australian SMS providers.

approval rating

We consistently achieve industry leading positive feedback from our customers. Read our latest feedback.

Easy integration
with your software

We provide SDKs, sample code and documentation to ensure you will be able to send SMS via our API in no time.

Easy to use
web platform

Our intuitive interface will allow anyone to start sending SMS within minutes.

Real-time communication
with our API

We commit to 90% of your SMS being processed within 5 seconds and 95% within 20, and are consistently exceeding this.


Combining SMS, Email, Mobile & Web products to formulate a seamless communication solution for your business.

Detailed reporting

Real-time message tracking and downloadable reports for analysis and managing campaign performance.

Free and unlimited
technical support

Support for our customers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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