Anytime Fitness uses SMS for promotions.

Anytime Fitness is one of Australia’s largest fitness franchises, boasting over 350 clubs nationwide and over 2,000 worldwide. With a large variety of staff operating within many clubs, fast and effective communication is crucial to the smooth running of the individual clubs and the organisation as a whole.

Prior to using the Esendex SMS platform, promotions were advertised via email and printed posters that were placed in and around the gyms. This resulted in a really low uptake of promotions and customer knowledge of new services wasn't sufficient to be economically viable.

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Communication to members is absolutely imperative, as there are multiple personal trainers, physiotherapists and health care professionals running individual businesses as a service within the clubs. In order to encourage more services to paying members, SMS became an important tool for keeping these services running in a profitable manner.

Esendex's online platform proved easy to use, low-cost and instantaneous. This made it the perfect medium for informing customers about upcoming deals, which caused a larger uptake of promotional offers.  

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“Esendex’s service is so simple and easy to use. Our membership has increased as well as the uptake of general gym services. Our members have absolutely no issue in receiving our SMS messages and our opt outs are very low. We see the effect on the greater business by staff having time to complete their day to day activities without needing to worry about email responses,” the owner of multiple franchises said.

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