What are Mobile Letters?

Postal customer communications can be expensive, time consuming, and hard to trace for the sender, while consumers suffer the frustration of not being able to take direct action on receipt; a letter's call to action is usually to call, text, email or visit a website, slowing interactions down, and introducing friction into key processes.

Mobile Letters can help solve these problems. Using SMS as a delivery mechanism, providers can send personalised letters as a URL link to the mobile devices of their customers. When customers click the link they will be directed to a web page to verify their identity. Once this process is completed, they will be able to download their custom document to their devices.

The result is a more secure, cost effective and efficient process which can be automated and is fully traceable; as well as enhanced sustainability, and a reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact for your organisation.

Mobile Letters example

Why use Mobile Letters?


The cost of sending Mobile Letters can be as little as 7.75% when compared to paper letters

Only pay for
opened letters

Instead of paying for every letter you sent, only paid for the Mobile Letters that are opened


Set up identity verification as part of the letter delivery process to protect privacy and data security

better engagement

SMS has a 94% open rate, compared to 75% for post, meaning a much better chance of being read


Our reports enable you to see when SMS have been delivered and when the digital letter has been opened

environmental impact

Replacing paper with SMS means reducing your carbon footprint and helping with climate change


How can Mobile Letters be used in different industries?

Here are just some of the industries that can benefit from sending important documentation to customers in a more secure and intelligent way.

Local government
Debt collection
Sample of utlities provider using Mobile Letters for billing
Utility Providers

90% of Australian consumers are concerned about environmental sustainability, with 71% of them willing to pay a premium for environmentally sustainable products. (Source)

Mobile Letters are an innovative way for a paperless communication strategy, without having to fight through consumers' over-crowded email inboxes.

Use Mobile Letters for:

  • Contract documentation
  • Bills
  • Service interruption notifications
  • Pricing change notifications
Sample of council using Mobile Letters for tax statement
Local government

Funding and resources can be put to much better use in local government and council if physical letters and postal communications are replaced with Mobile Letters.

The council can also expect a more effective and efficient process as open and engagement rates can be traced, allowing them to take further action according to recipients' activities.

Use Mobile Letters for:

  • Council tax statements/reminders
  • Voting information
  • Parking charge notices
  • Local event notifications
Sample of insurance company using Mobile Letters for policy document

While website and digital communication tools have made it easier and faster for customers to view or renew their polices, the formality of paper based documentation is still difficult to replace by digital means, hence the insurance sector has contiuned to rely on paper communications.

Mobile Letters are a great alternative to address this. They enable documents to be sent as an URL link for download via SMS; providers are able to set up security questions for identity verification to ensure privacy and data security, with every step traceable throughout the process.

Use Mobile Letters for:

  • Policy contract documentation
  • Renewal documents
  • Issue of claim forms
  • Change of policy notifications
Sample of debt collection company using Mobile Letters for repayment plan schedule
Debt Collection

Mobile Letters provide a more streamlined and efficient communication process for debt collection. Not only do they help reduce the cost of sending communications (and very often, repeat communications are required), by using SMS as the communication channel, debtors are able to leverage the high open and response rate to achieve better results and a greater ROI.

The fully traceable Mobile Letters delivery process also means that debtors have the visibility of what actions the debtee has taken, enabling them to make informed decisions on further actions required for the collection process.

Use Mobile Letters for:

  • Overdue payment reminders
  • Confirmation letters for payment plan
  • Income and expenditure confirmations
Sample of health care provicer using Mobile Letters for appointment reminder

The government of Western Australia reported 160,000 outpatient appointments were missed in 2018, resulting in millions of dollars lost in inefficiencies and activities based funding (source).

While SMS has been successful at reducing missed appointments, some might feel that it lacks formality, or it's difficult to provide additional information given the character limit. Mobile Letters can solve these problems while still leveraging the 94% open rate of SMS (source). The result is a reduced risk of missed appointments, and a more cost effective and efficient way to communicate with patients.

Use Mobile Letters for:

  • Appointment confirmations
  • Appointment updates
  • Supply of test results

What are the features of Mobile Letters?

Here are just some of the features that will help your business send out letters more efficiently and with higher engagement:


Mobile Letters can be sent automatically against specific triggers set up by the providers

Personalised for you
and your customer

All Mobile Letters can be fully branded with your corporate identity, and content can be tailored for each recipient

message templates

You can set up different templates to suit the different types of communication


Add an extra layer of security to your Mobile Letters by asking customers a security question to verify their identity


https: protocols to ensure a secure connection between the end-user throughout the document download process

communication traceability

Track and analyse open and engagement rates throughout the process to inform future action

Delivered via most
digital channels

URL links to Mobile Letters can be sent via SMS, Email and more

Potential for
additional actions

Additional actions like making a payment or confirming an appointment can be added for a more comprehensive customer experience


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