Intelligent Multichannel Messaging
What is Intelligent Multichannel Messaging?

This is the process by which we'll help you bring all of your customer communication channels together to create a low-touch, highly effective messaging strategy.

By combining SMS, Email and Mobile Web Apps, you increase your chances of reaching your customers and achieving your goals.

The joy of working with Esendex is that we'll automate the shift from one communication channel to another, recording customer preferences as we go, so you can relax and enjoy an ever-increasing rate of success.

The example shown here illustrates how, with no intervention, you can combine SMS and Email, or switch from one to the other based on inputs and outcomes. 

Our professional services team have created thousands of custom multichannel workflows for customers of all sizes. We're happy to share case studies with you - just get in touch.

Key features of Intelligent Multichannel Messaging

Communication Channels

Decision engine

The Esendex decision engine uses data such as the customer's age and the nature of the message to select the best performing channel.

Template Selection

Automatic selection

Customisable message templates allows you to change the tone of each message - with built in logic automatically selecting the right content.

Learning Capabilities

Learning capabilities

Our system records which communication channels customers respond to, and can make it their primary (default) channel.

Low-Touch Processes

Low-touch processes

Our simple API and adaptable workflows combine to ensure great results without intervention.

Fully Customisable

Fully customisable

Every Intelligent Multichannel Messaging campaign is crafted to help you achieve your goals.

ISO accreditation

ISO 27001 accredited

This international information security standard ensures that your customer data is secure.

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