Esendex received a visit from the BBC


As an industry leader in business communications who sends out 2 billion text messages per year and serves companies of all sizes globally, Esendex has drawn some attention from the BBC who’d wished to learn more about the secret to our success.

With 95% of SMS being read within five seconds of receipt, businesses are relying on text messages to deliver important and time sensitive messages to their customers more than ever. And for customers of Esendex, they know their messages will get delivered quickly, reliably and securely; whenever and wherever they want.  

This is because we truly are a global business. With offices based in Melbourne, Barcelona and Nottingham; as well as the newly acquired French and Italian branches, we are dedicated to ensuring that the routes of communication between business and consumer remain open at all times.

Here’s Geoff Love, CEO of Esendex talking about Esendex on the BBC:   

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Crystal Lam

I'm the Marketing Manager at Esendex Australia, with a background in journalism. I'm passionate about storytelling and the ever-changing world of emerging technologies.